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light being sitting meditating, practicing spirituality, love, and light

Dr. Pillai: “This is a very unusual talk. It is mostly intended for people who want to relate to their soul, to their purpose of life. The current time is a very important period in the history of this Earth plane.  

The Purpose of Life Is to Know About Who You Are

This may not be relevant for most people. This particular video is only for people who are very evolved. People like the Buddha, people who are very serious about their own soul and ask existential questions about life. ‘What are we here for? What are we doing? What is the answer?’; The answer is just you become what you truly are. 

What You Truly Are Composed of Is Light

But not just physical light or photon waves, but the light of God. Knowing that you are light, and that light is God, is the purpose of life.

Different traditions and different religions talk about this in their own ways. This video is meant for anyone who treats the other person as God and as love. The ultimate realization has to happen. This identification of yourself with this flesh and blood, with your relationship, with your knowledge, with your accomplishments, or with your failures—all of them are illusions created by your mind, and you have to get beyond the mind. Beyond the mind’s perceptions of the eyes, to be in bliss, all the time. 

The Bliss of God Is Out There Within Us

But then, it is far away from us. Why? Because we are completely immersed in this sensory world. This world is a misperception and pain defines the lives of most people. 

Even the body has been programmed to process decay, day by day. We are progressing towards death and one day, death strikes us, and that is only for the body. You come to that time of your death. 

It is important that we should do that in everything possible within our reign. 

To realize one thing that is the Love of God. The Love of God is not loving some entity belonging to one religion or another religion; or one Guru or another Guru. You love your Guru, but you cannot love the other Guru because you think the other Guru is stupid and my Guru is the most intelligent and only got everything right. That is not Love. Love has no differentiation. Love is a blissful state. 

Love Is God and You Have to Experience It in Your Life

Every interaction with other people is the first step to getting the Love of God. You can assume God in whatever way you want, according to your religions and that is totally fine. That is totally fine to worship any God you want. But that God has two sides, whatever God, whatever name you call it God by. One side is an unconditional feeling of love, and on the other side is light. They cannot be the differentiator – love and light. 

See this light and be eaten up by the light. When you are being consumed by this light, consumed by love, the body disappears. You are abducted by God or the God of light and there are no egocentric ideas. 

At that time, ego defines us from morning till evening till we go to bed and the only peaceful period in our life is sleep. It is so blissful because that mind is not there at that time.” 

Watch Full Replay of Dr. Pillai Opening His Heart to Spiritual People & Explaining the Purpose of Life 

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