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Goddess Varahi, a boar's head and female body sitting on a lotus flower

Dr. Pillai: “Rahu and Ketu are the nodes of the Moon. They are considered in Vedic mythology to be the head and tail of the mythical snake. The head of the snake is Rahu and the tail is Ketu. 

In Vedic mythology and astrology, they talk about energies in anthropomorphic or animal forms. They are very significant. 

Varahi, the Goddess With a Boar’s Head and a Female Body, Is Very Much Needed at This Time

Varahi burns all the karma causing all kinds of problems – financial, physical, relationship, job, and other things. 

Rahu is powerfully situated, according to Vedic astrology, in the sign of Aries, and will create a tremendous amount of problems for people who are born in Aries or Libra. There are also other zodiacs that will be affected by the presence of Rahu. 

Varahi is the Goddess of this current upcoming era, the Golden Era or Age, which according to many people, started a while ago, as early as when the light bulb was invented by Edison.

The Most Important Thing for Our Purpose Is Varahi as the Goddess of the Golden Age 

She is going to control the evil effects of the snake planet Rahu, which will create a lot of problems of different kinds. 

Varahi is around you. She is listening to you. She is the universal mother of this Kali Yuga, the age of suffering. Why are most people in the world, on the Earth plane, suffering? Because it is Kali Yuga, the age of suffering. 

Who is the Goddess for this dark age of suffering? Varahi. She has come down and is staying with us on this Earth plane. She has millions and billions of forms. She is around you on the right, left, in front of you, behind you, on top of you, below you, everywhere. 

Just be open and visualize her light form with a boar head and shiny face. Once you visualize, then she can help you to reveal secrets within your heart. 

She can create wealth, health, and give you whatever you want. She is not a philosopher, she is a practical mother Goddess to the core. If the child wants a drink, the mother runs to get the drink for the child. She does not give lectures. 

Varahi Is a Real Mother to Everyone

Let us join together in groups of hundreds, thousands of people and call on her with all our heart and devotion. Your voice and prayers will be heard. The mother will come and run to take care of you to solve your problems. Do not ever allow your doubtful mind to doubt her. Even if you doubt, she is the mother. She knows your negative mind, your laziness, and your lethargy. 

She will put up with all these infirmities of the human mind and human race. She knows your limitations; she will not even wait a minute longer to help you instantaneously. She  may appear in your eyes, in the third eye, around you, and then lift you up into the sky. Feast your eyes with her benign look of compassion, of Mercy. 

Varahi, Mercy be on us. We cannot live without you. We are in a desperate situation. We cry out to you for help day in and day out. But the monkey mind comes and thinks stupid thoughts, and they are not thinking about you; your thoughts will help us for sure, 100 percent.

Jai Varahi Maatha

Varahi Is a No-Nonsense Goddess Who Can Control Rahu

I am going to talk about how Rahu can be controlled by Varahi, particularly, the relationship issues that are very hard, and Varahi can solve that problem very quickly. She is known as the “no-nonsense Goddess.” She acts quickly and effectively.  I am very happy to talk about Rahu and Varahi. God bless!”

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