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Holy Spirit, doves symbolizing purity in the clouds, ethereal image

Dr. Pillai: “I was inspired to do this video by the Holy Spirit. How did this happen?

I was just sitting on my chair. There was a cool breeze, and I looked around to see if the window was open or anything was open. Nothing was open, yet I could repeatedly feel a cool breeze. 

Those Who Are in Touch With the Holy Spirit Know That the Holy Spirit Comes to You in the Form of either a Very Strong Wind or Cool Breeze

In this case, it was a cool breeze.

I was inspired to do this video on problem solving. Most of the time we know we all encounter problems for which obviously there are no solutions at all, at least at the mind level.

What do we do? We put up with those problems or we talk about them and go out. That is the way we deal with them, and we are sad about it because we want to solve the problems, but apparently there are no solutions. There are college solutions, but the solutions are not coming from the human level. 

Solutions Come From the Holy Spirit

The message that the Holy Spirit gave us is that there are solutions for all problems at a divine level. At the level of the Holy Spirit, there is nothing that is not possible.

What or Who Is the Holy Spirit?

It is the spirit of God. He or she is the spirit of God. There is a form which is sometimes a male sometimes female, and then there is also sometimes a breeze or an understanding that will come to you during these problematic times. 

The Bottom Line Is You Have to Experience This 

He is still with us in our consciousness, but then we do not use that consciousness which is not the mind. It is beyond the mind, although the mind is involved in understanding the answers for the problems. 

Miraculous Resolutions Can Come Through the Holy Spirit, Through Your Inner Knowingness

It will not take a long time to solve problems as far as the Holy Spirit is concerned.

It will be an instantaneous miracle. Now I understand why Jesus was so excited about the Holy Spirit because he was able to do all miracles through the Holy Spirit during the baptism. The Holy Spirit descended on Him in His own baptism.

He said that, ’As long as I am here, the Holy Spirit will not come, so let me go get out of here. Then, once I go to my father, I will send the Holy Spirit, who will be your comforter.

He is not simply a comforter, but a problem solver. You will be amazed that all along the Holy Spirit has been with you, but we never knew how to use it. The theologians, religious philosophers, and commentators have complicated it. Generally, there is an aversion towards things that are religious because of our scientific bent of mind which is unfortunate.

I Have Come Here to Bring This Innate Wisdom That Is Available Within You

All that you have to do is know how to tap into it or call on the Holy Spirit. Even without calling, he will come and tell you. He will talk to you. Once you receive it, you will feel sorry that you spent all your life not knowing him.

The Holy Spirit Is the Greatest Gift to the Human Race by God

Do not think that the Holy Spirit is only in Christianity or belongs to the Bible. Just for now, understand that the Holy Spirit is everywhere in every religion, and I am going to give you a methodology during the initiation program of how to receive the Holy Spirit and utilize the wisdom that follows. 

Life Will Become a Lot Easier, Pleasant, and Blissful Once You Do That

In the meantime, I would recommend that you watch   Benny Hinn and Catherine Coleman. Once you do that, you will have some basic understanding of what or who the Holy Spirit is, and then I will do my own thing when I give you the anointing initiation.

God Bless You.”

How To Receive the Holy Spirit 

Join Dr. Pillai for a complimentary webinar on Pentecost Day to discover how to receive the Holy Spirit.

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