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Manifest with Shreem Brzee in June 2023

This Month’s Shreem Brzee Powertimes


sun behind lotus flower

*The dates mentioned are based on North American (EDT) timings. Dates may be the same or different in other parts of the world such as Asia.

June 2023 provides you with various powertimes that can help bring your dreams to fruition thanks to Shreem Brzee, Lakshmi and other benevolent celestial beings. These powertimes will give you plenty of support for both your material and spiritual wealth. Vaikasi Visakam, also known as Muruga’s birthday, is an auspicious time for you to seek his blessings, overcome negative emotions, remove debts, win over enemies, and manifest your dreams.

We also have Father’s Day, which brings you active energy from the Divine Father, blessings and guidance. It’s also a great opportunity for you to offer your gratitude to your father for giving you life and sustenance. 

Watch the June Powertime Forecast replay here.


13th Moon for Karma-Clearing (Guru Pradosham) | June 1 & 15

Certain powertimes help us remove the burden we’ve been carrying in our minds and lives. Bad karma consists of our experiences of the past and default negative thoughts. Without removing karma, it’s very difficult to manifest the life we want. 

Opportunities arise if we hold the right thoughts and remove lurking negativity, because thoughts create, and we need to control our negative thoughts if we want to manifest a wonderful life. The 13th Moon grants you a huge opportunity to remove large amounts of bad karma from past lives. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, you can think of karma accumulated in this life through automatic, self-defeating thoughts.

So karma removal on the 13th Moon offers a fresh attitude, new thoughts, and more positivity. Brzee itself can help remove the past karma blocking your manifestations. 

What to do on the 13th Moon


Vaikasi Visakam (Muruga’s Birthday) | June 2

On Vaikasi Visakam we celebrate the birthday of Muruga, an archetype and Pleiadian God who is benevolent and protects the Earth plane and humanity. This is a divine and powerful time to invoke and connect with him. Lord Muruga is one of the sons of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, he is powerful and a great teacher. He is even believed to have taught the primordial sound “Om” to his father, Shiva, who had forgotten it due to a curse. 

“Om” is said to remove negativity, open your Third Eye or pineal gland and other intuitive centers in the brain, and bring you Muruga’s super intelligence. In a myth, this Pleiadian God was raised by seven celestial maidens. He has six faces, which symbolize different parts of the brain that specialize in different cognitive and intuitive functions.

What to Do on Vaikasi Visakam (Muruga’s Birthday)


Full Moon | June 3

This Full Moon is incredibly special because it occurs on Anuradha star, a great time to invoke Goddess Lakshmi. In fact, it’s believed that both Goddess Lakshmi and Maharishi Vishwamitra–who revealed the “Brzee” mantra to Dr. Pillai–were born on an Anuradha star day. 

During this Full Moon, you can receive a special Shreem Brzee Varahi initiation from Dr. Pillai into the combined power of Goddess Varahi, Goddess Lakshmi, and the Shreem Brzee wealth mantra.

What to Do on the Full Moon


Shreem Brzee Fridays | June 2, 9, 16, 23, & 30

Fridays are ideal days to invoke the Goddess archetype. If you want to connect powerfully with the Goddess of wealth, you can pray to Lakshmi on Fridays. You may also connect with Goddess Varahi and all other beautiful forms of Maha Lakshmi, as they’re all available and can bless you with prosperity and wealth in all forms. 

Venus also rules Friday. It is a male planet in the Vedic tradition. Venus can heal you and bring you wealth, as it is one of the main representatives of wealth among the Vedic planets. Connecting with Venus and the Goddesses during this time can accelerate your manifestations.

To access additional Venus energy, you can perform your spiritual practices during Venus hora (hour). Venus hora on Friday is considered a double powertime, as it radiates heightened energy from Venus and Lakshmi to support your manifestations. Find the Venus horas in your local area through the free AstroVed Assistant app (under Astrology -> Hora Watch).

What to Do on Shreem Brzee Fridays


Anuradha Star Day | June 2-3 & 30

Anuradha star is the birth star of Goddess Lakshmi and Maharishi Vishwamitra. On this day, you can connect with both of them as they are available at this time. 

It is also a time to enjoy and be open to friendship, because this birth star is associated with Mitra, a celestial being and archetype connected with great positivity and new, beneficial  friendships.

What to Do on Anuradha Star Day

  • Chant ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’ 108 times
  • Chant ‘Shreem Brzee’ 1,008 times
  • Offer light, sweets and/or flowers to a photo or statue of Lakshmi
  • Participate in Dr. Pillai’s Shreem Brzee Varahi Initiation


4th Moon for Obstacle Removal | June 6 & 21

It is ideal to pray to Ganesha to remove obstacles in your life, particularly on the day of the 4th Moon, when his presence is heightened. Connecting with him invites him to remove blockages to your success, both seen and unseen. 

Tip: Vedic tradition advises against looking at the 4th Moon because, for our human species, its radiation can affect us negatively.

What to do on the 4th Moon

  • Chant Ganesha’s mantra “Om Gum” 108 times
  • Pray to Ganesha to remove delays or obstacles in your manifestations
  • Offer fruits (ideally a mango or banana) to a statue or photo of Ganesha to honor him
  • Break a coconut and offer it to a Ganesha statue or image


Father’s Day | June 18

Offer your gratitude during the month of June to your father. Even if you don’t have a living father, you can be grateful for the life he has given you and honor him through a Tarpanam ritual. According to Dr. Pillai, the vibrations of the word “Father” is a mantra. 

You can just say ‘Father, Father, Father.’ If you cannot connect with your Father or you are unable to forgive him, you can always pray to the Divine Father in Heaven. This can help you receive the blessings of the father figure, which is often represented as a being who comes to guide you in life, teaching you social and financial skills, and more.

According to Vedic Astrology, the Father’s figure is represented by the Sun, the powerful life-giving celestial body. Try to practice gratitude for the Sun, and connect with your Earthly Father if he is still alive. You can also offer him kind words, help, gratitude, or a gift to show your appreciation. 

What to Do on Father’s Day

  • Pray to the Divine Father 
  • Express your gratitude and love to your biological father, as well as the Father of the Universe


11th Moon for Wealth | June 13 & 29

Vishnu is Goddess Lakshmi’s husband and he sustains the Earth plane. He brings the abundance, wealth and health we need on Earth. We can connect with him during the 11th Moon phases (check your AstroVed Hora Watch).

When you connect with him, Goddess Lakshmi will pay you more attention and bless you. She is believed to shower her blessings when you first praise her husband with his chants, called Kanakadhara, meaning the Stream of Gold. These are traditional chants praising all the divine qualities of Vishnu. 

According to the tradition, Goddess Lakshmi will then shower gold (or prosperity) on you.  Of course, these chants will also please Vishnu who will bless you with wealth, health, and happiness. Additionally, this practice can remove bad karma, because when we focus on divine energy, we can carry that positivity into all areas of our life, and avoid mistakes caused by negativity. 

There is research that shows how the colors of the aura (the subtle energy surrounding the body) can reflect the frequencies of positive thoughts of wealth and happiness. 

Vice versa, when we think of disease, poverty, or scarcity, the colors in the aura become muddled, lose their vibrancy and carry a lower frequency. So, to boost our vibrations and manifest, we need to keep our thoughts positive, and focus on the Divine, beauty, or even something luxurious that we wish to have. 

Try to connect with Vishnu on the 11th Moon days. Even just saying Vishnu’s name can connect you with him and expect miracles.

What to Do on the 11th Moon

  • Chant ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’ 108 times
  • Chant ‘Shreem Brzee’ 1,008 times


New Moon for Ancestral Healing | June 17

The New Moon offers an optimal time to heal your ancestral patterns by praying to your ancestors and doing the Tarpanam ritual. By doing this, you can not only help them, but also heal them and receive their blessings. What you can also practice during this powertime is self-awareness by trying to let go of bad habits. This is a fantastic time for releasing what no longer serves us. 

Dr. Pillai says, “You can connect with the divine beings who can destroy demons on the New Moon.” It’s a powertime for removing negativity of all kinds.

What to Do on the New Moon


boar-head Goddess Varahi, Shreem Brzee, a form of Lakshmi


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