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Full Moon For Liberation From Darkness & Accessing Your Light Body

“One particular Pushya star day in a particular month is very important. That is a month called ‘Thai’ in Tamil. The Pushya star has the ability to transform matter into light. It is a star that is sacred for Muruga, the Pleiadian God for enlightenment of the 3rd Eye…

Thai Poosam is celebrated as the day Lord Muruga was given his powerful Vel (lance) by his mother, Goddess Parvati, to vanquish all negative forces. According to sacred text, Muruga also destroyed the evil forces with his Vel on a Pushya star day. Invoking Muruga on this Full Moon day can help you connect with his divine intelligence.”

Dr. Pillai

Muruga’s spiritual warrior energy is believed to conquer internal enemies that create debt, disease, doubt, fear, ignorance, and enemies. His weapon is the Vel, which is a type of lance.

Dr. Pillai teaches that Muruga’s Vel represents the 3rd Eye. It is the divine intelligence of the 3rd Eye and awakened brain that destroys internal enemies and karma of all types. This process manifests in your external circumstances, making goal achievement easier.

Muruga and his Vel are known for dissolving the most deep-rooted karma.

The upcoming Thai Poosam Full Moon is one of Muruga’s most auspicious days for accessing this vast intelligence. It is also the day when Swami Ramalingam, the 19th century Siddha Master, transformed his body into light.


2 Ways To Connect During Thai Poosam

  1. A western Pillai Center teacher will lead a Full Moon fire lab during Thai Poosam on Saturday, February 8 PST.
  2. Pillai Center Academy has created a course for learning Swami Ramalingam’s secrets that transformed his body into light.

Benefits of connecting with Muruga and Swami Ramalingam during Thai Poosam may include:

  • Overall prosperity and financial auspiciousness
  • Victory over enemies
  • Greater mastery over the material world
  • Inner strength and courage
  • Physical healing
  • Peace of mind and happiness
  • Freedom from the effects of evil eye and black magic
  • 3rd Eye and brain activation
  • Improved perception of the light body
  • Protection from evil forces
  • Debt removal
  • Progress in your career
  • Better relationships or new relationships


Join Dr. Pillai’s Light Body Course

It was during Thai Poosam in 1874 when Swami Ramalingam turned his body into light.

After the experience, his biggest desire was to help others experience the same thing. He taught that light is your true nature and that solid matter is only a distortion of perception.

Dr. Pillai will give initiations (spiritual empowerments) for light body activation during Thai Poosam for those who join the course.


In the Ascension Empowerment Course, you will learn:

  • The subtle mechanics that made it possible for Swami Ramalingam to turn his body into light
  • A light body meditation based on the Swami’s detailed documents
  • Another powerful meditation on Ramalingam’s abduction by the God of Light
  • How to access the transcendent state of blissful awareness in which you are not attached to the body or mind



Western Full Moon Thai Poosam Fire Lab


Saturday, February 8, 4:15am PST (12:15pm UTC)

Join a Pillai Center teacher for the monthly Shreem Brzee Full Moon Fire Lab.

Not only will participants invoke Lashmi, the Wealth Goddess, through the Shreem Brzee mantra, but they will invoke Muruga as well. You are welcome to join the community in an online interactive webcast. Dr. Pillai teaches that chanting mantras in groups multiplies the effects of the mantras. The western fire labs have been increasing in popularity among those seeking to manifesting their dreams in a community of like-minded people. Register by Friday, February 7 at 2:00 pm PST!


With Love,

Your Pillai Center Team




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