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Light Body Testimonial

Thank you Dr. Pillai. I felt the power behind this mantra. A multitude of thanks for the miracles and transformation you have helped bring to my life.

~ Leslie Sweeney

My deep gratitude to you, Dr. Pillai, for bringing out this divine knowledge for the world at this time! May everyone share it with all their friends and family to create peace and light for all mankind.

~ Lalita Littrell

Thank you for the teaching! I am fortunate I found it at the beginning of this year. Thank you once again!

~ Barbara Badusekova, Kosice, Slovakia

Thank you Dr Pillai for this meditation and the information you share. The meditation feels really great!

~ Adam Young, London, UK

Thank you Dr. Pillai for such a wonderful gift of love, information, education, and light body meditation.

~ Terrence Redix, Texas, US

This is a great and truly inspiring message for coming year…highly recommend it!

~ Betsy Hibbits, California, US

Thank you for this meditation, I cannot think of another way that I would rather be spending my New Year’s Eve.

Thank you, also, for the One Minute Meditation that you gave us on Thanksgiving.

~ Kimrey Blake Levy-Mickelson, California, US

There are no words that can explain the truth and of the immense experiences of my life with these meditations. Yet, here I am trying attempting to my express my feelings with the aid of a few words.

Dr. Pillai’s teachings and meditations have given me the priceless gift of compassion along with a positive attitude that cannot be shaken.

~ Roopa Rajan, Bangalore, India

My deepest and heartiest thanks to Dr. Pillai for such a wonderful information for the coming Year!

~ Harsh Sharma, Chandigarh, India

Thank you Dr. Pillai for this guided meditation, I felt a surge of energy in Sushumna after this meditation.

~ Prashant Karn, New Delhi, India