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Dr. Pillai: “There are two types of intelligence. One is material intelligence, or material knowledge or science that we are all familiar with. We spent a tremendous amount of time learning material science from kindergarten to Ph. D. But we have completely ignored that. There is an intelligence which is beyond logic, beyond language, beyond any reference point. 

But what about an intelligence that is connected to your soul? What is the soul? 

The Soul is Consciousness

When you die, you lose consciousness. The body is without any consciousness at that point.

Consciousness comes from the soul. It is called pure consciousness. We have consciousness, which is impure consciousness, tainted by our material knowledge, of our material sciences, our logic. 

How To Acquire the Wisdom of the Guru

It is through the opening of the Third Eye. The Third Eye is also the place where your soul is. 

Your soul is in the center of the brain, in the physical body. If you are able to operate from that level, from that point of the soul, then you will find that life is a lot more meaningful. Then we can understand who we are. We are not just the body, we are not just the joy or misery that we go through. We are a being of bliss. We are Gods at that point. 

But that knowledge has been ignored for centuries ever since science became our reference point. It is time now with the advent of quantum physics, which questions the ordinary perception of reality with its concept of non-locality, uncertainty. Everything is uncertain. It is no longer mysticism. There is science, it is quantum physics. Everything is so uncertain. Everything is everywhere simultaneously.

Purnamadah Purnamidam

Purnaat Purnam Mudachyate

Purnasya Purnamadaaya

Purnameva Vasishyate

There is fullness everywhere.

If you take fullness of the fullness. Fullness only remains. It is just quantum physics, it is quantum biology. This is the wisdom that you can acquire. Then you stop the mind and then begin to operate through the Third eye. 

The Third eye is in the Center of the Brain

It is the physical point of the pineal gland. You will be able to change your concept of time, your concept of space, and you are no longer stuck in this reality. It is going to be the norm starting from 2023. It is the beginning time that people will begin to understand that up until now, we have been deluded by Maya, an illusion. Einstein said that it is an illusion. He said there is no tomorrow, there is no today, there is no yesterday. 

Time is an Illusion

He said it is a persistent illusion. Why? Because our frame of preference is of this material reality. I want to give you a practice. Our perception of the world is through the eyes, but the eyes are supported by the Third eye, which is the pineal gland, within our brain, the middle of the brain – a very tiny organ and that it just exactly looks like an eye, with a retina and cornea. 

That is why people were amazed to see how similar  the eyes are and the wisdom of the people who call this the Third eye. Pull your attention inside from the eyes and go to the Third eye, the middle of the brain. 

Just visualize the Flame

It is something that you have to do every day. Then your mind will stop, the Maya will not take over you. The breath will become so refined and so many things can happen. Then you will no longer be just pathetic human beings, but Gods themselves. Do this technique. 

You can start doing it from this day onwards. You have to have the blessings of the Guru to become successful in any spiritual practice. I want to tell you that you have my blessings to succeed in opening your Third Eye. God bless.”

Guru Mantras For Chanting 

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