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Age of Ascension

Dr. Pillai: “There are too many Heavens on this Earth plane, and you will get to the Heaven you want. I just wanted to mention two different Heavens. One is a material heaven as Krishna knows. Krishna is the Hindu God, the party God, which is complete, absolute luxury. 

Krishna’s Heaven 

The most important thing about getting the material resources is that they are a prerequisite for pleasure, happiness, joy, all these things and there is a model. You can use the model and create it up. The model is provided by a set of beings, of Gods, and Angels that belong to the Vishnu category. Vishnu, is the God of matter, material wealth, pleasure, happiness and He has a Heaven, and that Heaven is filled with pleasure.

Many years ago, in Sedona, I was teaching a course. Mother Teresa had passed away. In the newspaper that morning, I was reading that Mother Teresa knew about her death through a dream. After she died, she went to Heaven, she was not allowed. She shared this with the, I think she was in Greece at the time, with the Greek prince.

“I could not believe that, I felt so bad when I was not allowed in. I went; my soul went there, that they wouldn’t let me in. “Why? She asked. “Because here if you go, you will be miserable.” “Why?” “Because this is the wrong Heaven for you. This Heaven is a party Heaven, people are partying 24 hours here. You will be miserable, you will be happy in a different type of Heaven.”

This is a real story that she narrated. Krishna’s Heaven is not only where you go (it is called Vaikuntha) after death, but where you can also have Heaven on Earth, provided you use His mantras, which I will teach.

Then I will also talk about it. That is one set of Heavens, but I am not going to talk about only that, I will primarily talk about Krishna’s Heaven because we are now living at a time of economic hardship, everything, prices are going up, inflation is there. 

I decided that I would focus more on Krishna’s Heaven so that it is not only giving you Heaven after death, but also Heaven while on Earth. It is also fine-tuning your mind, thought processes, neurons, and genes to live that. Because my own purpose of coming into this Earth plane is not to teach old mantras and old technology, but a new technology that I have proved in many ways which I cannot share with you because most of them I have patent constraints which I use in my discoveries in science and technology.

There is no need for you to understand the mechanism of action or anything, but all that I have to give you is just to give you chocolate and then you can enjoy it. Then the other type of Heaven is the Heaven which I personally like and prefer, not one against the other, but the one of the light body. 

We are fundamentally bodies that carry the Light 

Light is our fundamental basic reality. But we do not realize this. We are only thinking all the time from morning till evening  about the physical body, the mind, and the thought processes that are geared towards enhancing the body’s health, happiness, and so forth. But never, ever focus your attention that we are fundamentally light particles. 

Why we are not doing that is because nobody has taught us to do that. Because the whole society is geared to the body, putting it in a good home, nice furniture, nice car, and so forth. But then nobody thinks, “Oh, you are light and you can be everywhere.”

Even Paul said this corruption will never inherit the kingdom. Do not be misled. I am going to pay equal attention because it is my favorite thing and this is why I came here to the Earth plane. 

The light body of Swami Ramalingam 

I failed in many lifetimes to provide a light body although many lifetimes, I got the light body. In many lifetimes I have died, millions of lifetimes, I have had and so are you.

Those of you who will respond to whatever I am going to teach you will respond not because of what I have said, but based on your experience in your previous lifetimes. This time, I am going to say how you can focus on a light body, and living the light body is also moving at the speed of light at peace. 

There is also losing the concept of time.  I am going to teach you momentarily how in a day, many times, you can go in and out of this world and into a world of light. That will help you to live a 200% life. This is going to be the outline of what I am going to do on these upcoming programs. I want you to take advantage of it. It is all going to be something that I have been discovering.

I am going to do it for the upcoming programs regardless.”

Age of Ascension to Paradise: The Divine Feminine Opens Portal to Supreme Bliss and Heaven

The Goddess is a prerequisite to access higher realms of Divine Consciousness. Connecting with Supreme Goddess energy (Shakti), while her energy is most alive during Navaratri, presents us with an auspicious opportunity to prepare to access the grace of Krishna and Ramalingman. 

These two Gods are the key archetypes in guiding us to fully embrace the pure bliss and joy brought forth during the Age of Ascension, as they offer blessings of transformation and miracles.

We warmly invite you to watch the replay of a recent webinar with Dr. Pillai where he shared his divine insights about invoking special forms of the Goddess during Navaratri, and channeling Goddess energy to access the opening to supreme bliss, transformation, and miracles during the Age of Ascension.

Click to watch the video below.

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