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Goddess mantra Chanting

Dr. Pillai: “Many years ago, about 20 – 30 years ago, I was in New York teaching a program about a mantra for highest intuition and intellect. That is the mantra called “Aim.” 

That one guy stood up and said, “Oh my God!” He was a teacher. He said, “My students were using this mantra and they were all doing it.” This was organized by a group that was teaching Saraswati’s mantra.

Saraswati is the Goddess of education, but they were never told that it is the mantra for the Goddess of education, and that your intelligence and intellect will be intact. But he admitted to me that there is proof for that.

I am going to give you a Beeja Mantra

Beeja means seed. The seed carries the whole tree. You need the seed and the genes that can enhance a very intuitive power. It is not only going to help the feminine alone. It is a program not only for women, but also for men. The reason why I mentioned that is because I have more women followers, just like any other religious group. Because women are more into spirituality and intuition by nature.

That is what I will give you in an initiation. 

An initiation is just receiving the mantra from someone who has realized it 

You receive it from the Guru, who has realized it, knows it, and has lived it. That is a dynamic live transmission, and it is not only the case of receiving something, a mantra, from the Guru, but whatever an Enlightened Master thinks he has the potential to manifest.

That is what is going to happen during this Goddess program, where I will give you an initiation and they will talk. I have something in mind now, but I will change it down the road because for me, as I have told you many times, every second is new. That is a very important thing that you have to understand, that you may plan on something and then kind of freeze it, this is what I do. 

This is my retirement plan, this is how I could retire and die. That is the consensus model, that is not acceptable to me or even for anyone. I am going to do something that is going to be a lot more powerful and useful than what I could conceive of at this moment.

That is one program which I think is on the 4th of October and then also another program, which I also announced is October 5th. 

October 5th is where I am going to talk about Paradise and Ascension.

When Jesus gave the ‘My Lord’s prayer,’ the most important point or prayer is “Thy heaven should come down to the Earth plane.” Heaven on Earth is not a cliché, but it is also what Jesus wanted to give to human beings. He knew how difficult it was to deal with life on the Earth plane, with the physical body, aging diseases, malfunctioning and that is nature. 

The nature of the body is to suffer primarily, there is some pleasure based on the sense pleasures, but that is not long-lasting. But everyone has to die and pick up diseases on the way. I came to this Earth plane, and every time I came to this plane, my goal has been to deal with this problem of the human body and mind. 

The body is a monkey, the mind is a monkey mind 

It does not know what the future or present is or what to expect. 

Among all these things, we go wrong in everything, with the way we think. We are aware of that. That is why one thought leads to another thought, then cancels another thought, and another thought comes.

Because every thought is a battle, to figure out what is the best I can have.

But then seldom do we think about, ‘why are we thinking so many thoughts? What are we trying to get?’ The answer is simple. 

It is all you want to have – more money, more pleasures, more comforts. But we do not think about the purpose of life. We do not think about the past lives we have had, and the future lives we are going to have. If you do not want to think about all those things, at least think about this, ‘Is there a way that I can have what is called evolution? Because evolution is, if people are willing to think about evolution, what is the evolution of the human race?  

Evolution is to put an end to suffering

Suffering will keep continuing, no matter what, even if you are a billionaire and they have to leave all the billions and die as the victim to cancer.

What can you do? We cannot do anything. Why? Because, we have not tried to work on immortality. Immortality is something that every religion has talked about, including Christianity, the eternal life.

Paul made it very clear, “This corruption will not inherit the kingdom.”  Because this is a corrupt body, the flesh will not give you the kingdom and will never inherit the Kingdom. 

Why did Christianity think about that? That is why Jesus killed his body. Jesus gave his body as a sacrifice so that there  would be a glorious light body in which he incarnates. This is the thing that I have worked on all my life and then every time that I come here and I have improved upon it, I am going to teach that to you. I will also give you an insight into two types of Heaven. Do not think that there is only one Heaven.” 

Age of Ascension to Paradise: The Divine Feminine Opens Portal to Supreme Bliss

The Goddess is a prerequisite to access higher realms of Divine Consciousness. Connecting with Supreme Goddess energy (Shakti), while her energy is most alive during Navaratri, presents us with an auspicious opportunity to prepare to access the grace of Krishna and Ramalingman. 

These two Gods are the key archetypes in guiding us to fully embrace the pure bliss and joy brought forth during the Age of Ascension, as they offer blessings of transformation and miracles.

We warmly invite you to watch the replay of a recent webinar with Dr. Pillai where he shared his divine insights about invoking special forms of the Goddess during Navaratri, and channeling Goddess energy to access the opening to supreme bliss, transformation, and miracles during the Age of Ascension.

Click to watch the video below.

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