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blessings of Goddess Laxmi

Goddess Laxmi

Goddess Lakshmi or Laxmi is an important deity of Hinduism. She is the Goddess for wealth and fortune and is the wife of the preserver-God, Sri Maha Vishnu. Laxmi is one of the famed tri-devis of Hinduism, the other being Saraswathi, the Goddess for knowledge, and Parvati, the Goddess for power and strength.

Ancient scriptures state that Laxmi emerged from the ocean during its churning, and she garlanded Maha Vishnu.

Appearance and different forms of Lakshmi

As per the Hindu religious scriptures, Goddess Laxmi features a red complexion and possesses beautiful facial features. She lives in Vaikunta with Maha Vishnu and gently massages his feet. She is also depicted sitting on a red lotus and has four hands. Her upper arms hold two red lotuses; one of her lower hands shows Abhaya mudra, and the other holds a golden pot overflowing with gold coins.

Lakshmi is worshipped in several forms; it is said that there are 108 forms of Lakshmi. Of the 108 forms, eight are considered prominent and are known as ‘Ashta Lakshmis,’ the eight Lakshmis. Each Ashta Lakshmi acts as custodian of a particular type of wealth and blesses devotees with that specific form of wealth when invoked. The following is the list of Ashta Laxmi with their category of wealth.

  1. Adhi Laxmi: she is the first form of Lakshmi who emerged from the Milky Ocean.
  2. Dhana Laxmi: she is the custodian of all types of wealth and fortune.
  3. Dhanya Laxmi: she is the driving factor behind fertility and timely monsoon.
  4. Gaja Laxmi: invoking her brings luxury and prosperity to life.
  5. Santana Laxmi: blesses married couples with progeny.
  6. Vidya Laxmi: blesses her devotees with all types of knowledge and skills.
  7. Vijaya Laxmi: she is the driving force behind the victory and accomplishment of tasks.
  8. Veera Laxmi: blesses the devotee with grit, determination, and self-confidence.
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Significance of Goddess Laxmi

Laxmi is one of the important Goddesses worshipped by all Hindus. Though individual temples are rare, her shrines are found in almost all Vishnu temples and even in other deity temples. The Vaishnavaites, a famous sect worshipping Lord Vishnu as the supreme, consider Vishnu the Universe’s father and Laxmi as the mother of the Universe.

Worship to Vishnu is considered wholesome and complete only if Laxmi is worshipped along with him. Therefore, it is a widespread custom for the devotees to perform Laxmi pooja to invoke Goddess Laxmi.

How to get the blessings of Goddess Laxmi

Scriptures have laid down specific rules to receive the blessings of Goddess Laxmi.

  1. Lighting lamps every day in the pooja room will please the Goddess.
  2. Laxmi loves clean and hygienic places, and thus, it is essential to maintain cleanliness at your home and establishments.
  3. Worshipping and feeding cows is an ideal way to get her blessings. It is believed that Laxmi resides in cows, so cow worship pleases her.
  4. Chant the mantras and shlokas of Laxmi to receive her blessings. The kanakadhara stotram, Shodasa Lakshmi Stotram, Ashta Laxmi stotram are famous bhakti literature on Laxmi.
  5. Donating for good causes and helping the poor and needy will bring Laxmi’s blessings.
  6. Providing help to poor priests and Veda patshalas also would bring her grace upon the devotees.

Procedures to worship Laxmi

  • You can worship Laxmi at home or can go to a Powerspot.
  • If you are performing worship at home, ensure the pooja room is clean.
  • Decorate the Laxmi portrait or statue with flowers.
  • Lit lamps and light incense sticks.
  • Place some sweets or a glass of milk as an offering.
  • Recite the mantras and shlokas praising Laxmi.
  • When performing worship at temples, it is good to wear traditional clothes.
  • Take some fruits and flowers with you to offer to the Goddess.
  • You might request the priest of the Powerspot to perform an Archana (Pooja) to the Goddess.
  • Offer some fruits to the cows of the Powerspot.

Benefits of Laxmi worship

The worship of Laxmi bestows several benefits to the devotees.

  • Wealth: Invoking Laxmi improves your prospects of adding wealth. Her worship shall bring prosperity and enhance your lifestyle.
  • Harmony: Lakshmi worship shall promote peace in the family. The relationship between family members and especially the relationship between husband and wife will be cordial. Misunderstandings and mistrust will be sorted out.
  • Health: Staying healthy is also as important as being healthy, and Lakshmi’s blessings can boost your health too.
  • Positive vibrations: The presence of positive vibes in your mind and surroundings contributes significantly to your success. Laxmi’s blessings will help you attract positivity and face unpleasant situations with confidence.
  • Growth and well-being: Worshipping Laxmi will ensure overgrowth and well-being. There would be progress in your life.
  • Peace of Mind: Those who worship Laxmi will experience peace of mind and stay safe from chaos.

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