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Change is inevitable and instead of it being a scarey thing to do, it can definitely be a fun and smooth sailing process. Fear of change can be dissolved away when the brain receives unconditional love, generous spirit, utterly positive and supportive creative energies. Feelings of high self-esteem and self-confidence, awareness and vitality can be experienced instantaneously with the descent of the divine. And with that comes the good luck and grace to transform your life.

Find out how you can tune into Maha Sivaratri and shift your destiny! Free yourself from longstanding old patterns that keep you from making progress on your spiritual path and also in your material pursuits. Get your desires fulfilled by illuminating precise centers of the brain that will help you to connect with the divine more powerfully than any other time of the year!

Here are some ways to get connected on February 27 (IST):

Chant OM NAMASIVAYA as many times possible throughout the night and beyond keeping night vigil if possible.

Perform Abishekam (Sacred Bathing) to Siva Lingam


FREE WEBCAST on Sivaratri


Sivaratri Initiation: Night of Wisdom Initiation Webcast


Kalki Avatar and other special celebrations


Enjoy Maha Sivaratri and may you live a blessed life!

Love & Light, Sucharita

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