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astro_mindGood news–sighing with relief, too. Sunday night, the Moon entered the idealistic sign of Sagittarius and joined Venus. After two difficult transits in Libra and Scorpio, the Moon is now in a position to bring you more hopeful emotions. And, Venus will make sure you are not all business-as-usual. Venus wants you to play and enjoy even hard tasks — let it happen. Your work can now become beautiful and inspiring to others.

Jupiter is aspecting Venus from his retrograde motion and thoughts of past love may come up.

But Saturn will not allow you leave work before the scheduled time. So do your best and at night, relax, enjoy a healthy meal and remember to practice some meditation or read a spiritual book — because Sagittarius is that aspect of Jupiter that is more interested in philosophy and theoretical spiritual practices. Vedanta anyone?

Also, the lunar mansion, Mula (meaning ‘root’), is ruled by Ketu — not exactly a party-loving planet — and Nirriti, archetype of destruction. Also, the south lunar node Ketu wants some solitude, peace and quiet. Indulge his desires and you will “uproot” all bad habits before you know it. On Monday night the Moon will move to another nakshatra (or star), Purvashada, ruled by Venus. You can then turn to adventures and inspire others with your beliefs.

Also when the Moon is in Mula star, you can take some Ayurvedic medicines (after consulting with your physician, of course) or other holistic remedies, knowing that this time you will succeed in restoring health.

Enjoy the energies!



by Lalitha Devi


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