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February 27th, 2014, midnight is a very, very important time in the history of the Earth plane and even in the history of the universe. ~ Dr. Pillai

This Thursday is Mahashivaratri, an opportunity to create a massive shift in your fortune. You can burn lifetimes of karma in a single night because the energies are right.

That’s the advantage of the Siddha tradition. Their intimate knowledge of Time and Space allowed these masters of consciousness to identify the ideal conditions that support and augment our efforts to make changes in our lives.

source: ASI monument number N-GJ-160.

February 27th, 2014 is especially important. This powerful night also marks the descent of Kalki, the 10th Avatar of Vishnu, into the Earth plane. Kalki’s form is packed with symbolism that speaks to all of humanity, not only those within the Hindu religion.

What Kalki symbolizes is not just a Hindu god getting into this plane. It is wisdom getting into this Earth plane, enlightening us, enlightening the world, and putting an end to the problems of humanity, of diseases, pain, aches … ~ Dr. Pillai

Kalki’s purpose is to establish a new dharma that combines the highest wisdom of the Spiritual traditions with the practical discoveries of modern Science.

… we are tied to learning from the point of view of rational thinking. Now we are going to go beyond rational thinking. That’s what the horse symbolizes. ~ Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai is ensuring everyone can get involved on this incredible night and participate in this momentous shift in global consciousness. There will be a FREE webcast with guided teachings and empowerment techniques. Register for that HERE

Between now and midnight on the 27th, prepare your mind for the descent of wisdom and welcome Kalki into the Earth plane with the following mantra:

Hari Krishna Hari Krishna Krishna Krishna Hari Hari

Hari Kalki Hari Kalki Kalki Kalki Hari Hari

Get a free audio of the chant by Dr. Pillai HERE

On the same night, get initiated by Dr. Pillai into Unlimited Thinking!


Dr. Pillai is offering a once in a life time initiation program to awaken all parts of the brain. The powerful energies of this night, combined with Dr. Pillai’s initiation erase the conditioning of the mind. Then reprogram the parts of your brain with the same mantras and colors used by the Siddhas themselves!

That’s not all. Dr. Pillai will reveal 12 variations of the esoteric mantra Na Ma Si Va Ya. These mantras contain the power to awaken wealth consciousness in you, the ability to create miracles, and even ultimate enlightenment!

Sign up for the Empowerment webcast HERE

The waiting period has come to an end. ~ Dr. Pillai


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