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Combating coronavirus requires us to change any negative thoughts we have about it, teaches Dr. Pillai. Use his technique to help change your mind.



Agasthya has instructed me to talk to you.

He has provided a lot of ideas about combating coronavirus and the fears linked to this disease.

In ancient times, and in different cultures people depended upon a higher force for faith, whether it was God, nature or any other belief — that faith helped. Benny Hinn, an Israeli televangelist known for his miracle crusades said, “Prayer will move.” This is a great way of putting it.

Ignite Your Inner Power through Prayer

Prayer will move God’s heart. The Divine knows each and every one of us and our individual destiny.  We have God within us. At a soul level, we are God—when we pray we can gain a better understanding of what to do.

We have lost touch with the power of prayer. We give credence only to a rationalized reality. This causes stress and is responsible for the suffering we go through globally.

Combating coronavirus requires us to understand the limitations of the body and mind—it turns us into victims. We have to rise above the body, we are not the body and we are not the mind. The mind is tricky; it presents an illusion of the body.

When you go to sleep, you are not dead but you have no memory of anything. You are not even aware of having a body or a world around you. This philosophy is known as ‘Chittamatra’. It means ‘mind only’. Nothing else exists but the mind. That is why the world disappears when you go to sleep.

The Spirit Can Bring Salvation

Chittamatra tells us that as particle beings we are not local—we are everywhere. So the lesson for us is to understand ourselves as God, as a particle, as infinite power. When we do this we do not subject ourselves to a rationalistic world where all the problems come from.

When you identify yourself as God or an infinite being, fear has no place. You may not have money but that does not matter. If you truly live in the belief that you are God, there is no problem. Put your attention on the third eye and the pineal gland and, momentarily you will forget about the negative reality that you see and hear on television.

Connect to the silence within to make sense of the disturbance going on around you

The information we receive from the media creates a fearful reality. A good acquaintance of mine called Norman Cousins was told many years ago that he was going to die. In response he said, “No. I am not going to die. I am too young.” He put his mind on the complete opposite of his illness and filled his time watching comedy movies. Eventually he got well and wrote a book entitled Anatomy of an Illness. He created what is called Psychoneuroimmunology which basically means ‘Biology is your thought form’.

In his book Head First, Cousins set out to prove that fear can create illness. In placebo studies he told five hundred breast cancer patients that they were going to receive chemotherapy—he told them to expect severe hair loss. As time passed, the patients began to lose their hair even though they were really only given a placebo.  

This is an example of how the information that we feed our brain can be influenced.  You have to be careful. You do not want to put negative thoughts into your mind. When you do this, you inadvertently create negativity. If the thought is powerful enough, it will become true.

Miracles Happen Every Day

A scientist will understand the coronavirus at a subatomic level. We are basically made up of particles and subatomic particles—carbon atoms, hydrogen and sulphur. The COVID-19 virus consists of atomic particles that interact with the molecules in your body, creating the disease by binding and diffusing. The interaction takes place at an atomic level.

The moment you start to believe in miracles, they will happen. Look at those who have become exemplary figures—they are people who believed in miracles. Patanjali talks about a wisdom that is beyond the mind. The sutra ‘Artha Mātra Nirbhāsaṁ Svarūpa Śūnyam Iva Samādhiḥ’ describes a form of meditation where you lose track of yourself, the world, space and time. You simply focus on an object and lose yourself in it.

What we need is a new body, mind and science. We should not hang on to any particular science whether it is Western or old Eastern.  My own desire is to bring science and religion together so that we can have a better life.  

Enlightened beings do not see the virus as real—for them, nothing exists but the mind. But for most people the virus exists and spreads.The only way to cure it is through medicine but there is no medicine available.

Let Yourself Be Open And Life Will Become Easier

We need to adopt an open mind—then we can understand things. People have to be open. The most important thing is to not get stuck. The highest wisdom you can acquire is God’s wisdom because you are God. You change everything with the power you have within.

A miracle is only impossible if you make it impossible. Everything is possible provided you live with a non-mind. You have to rise above the body, rise above the mind and live the God that you are. When you do this everything is possible, including combating coronavirus.

God Bless,

Dr. Pillai


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