Dr. Pillai offers much needed peace of mind and teaches how to gain a positive perspective during the coronavirus pandemic and other difficult times.



When we listen to the news, the media and TV, we know what to expect. Each medium conveys its views according to its own set agenda. 

The way that the coronavirus is presented is very important. The one thing that I am really unhappy about is the fear which has been created. When the stock market fell, the media told us that it would be very difficult to recover and as such, a lot of jobs were lost. These things happened out of fear. Fear was responsible for the collapse of the stock market and fear has driven people to create a negative reality. Your state of mind will create your reality. 

When You React, You Let Others Control 

Journalism can play on emotions. We should not think a single negative thought. Donald Trump said, “This is like flu, it is going to go away.” The media accused him of downplaying the coronavirus, but the President did not want to instill fear. 

There is a saying in Sanskrit, “You become as you think.” 

Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati.

We need to think very fruitful thoughts, gain a positive perspective, and distract ourselves rather than listen to negative things. The media has a responsibility to protect the economy and the psychology of people. It should focus on news which will help us to prepare for the best and not the worst. 

A Positive Perspective Will Create a Successful Outcome 

The mind is your thought process. You have around thirty-five thoughts per minute. Right now, many of them are fearful. You live in a bad neighborhood if the people around you subscribe to negative thought patterns. If you are surrounded by positive people, you live in a good area. 

Thoughts are everything. If we are careful about what we say or think we can limit the impact we have on others and create a beautiful world. 

The media say that the infection is set to rise but this is a belief system and we have given so much credence to this. If we all join together and say, “We deny this,” we can create a different reality from a more positive perspective.

Problems Are Illusions of the Mind

In a previous blog I talked about Norman Cousins, the global peacemaker who set out to prove that fear can create an illness. In his studies he told five hundred people that they had been given chemotherapy and to expect severe hair loss. Chemotherapy was not administered—the patients only received a placebo but thirty-five percent began to lose their hair. This is concrete evidence of how powerful the mind is. 

Balance, the Ultimate Goal

This is why I do not want the world to accept someone’s model. We have created a fearful reality because we have fallen victim to science and rationality. We should use the modern theory which says ‘Nothing is certain’, and create a positive perspective from which to live.

God Bless, 

Dr. Pillai

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