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Life is happier when you choose faith over fear. Dr. Pillai talks about faith and how a positive mindset can counteract fears.



I want to talk about the way the coronavirus is managed in both India and the United States. The ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) has a completely different view of managing the virus in comparison to scientists in the United States. The medical researchers in India do not want to test for the disease. Testing will show that a million, ten million or even one hundred million people have contracted the coronavirus. These results would create a lot of fear which is counterproductive. Such findings could also damage an economy that is already struggling.

Statistics – the Grammar of Science 

The White House recently confirmed that they have finished testing one million people. Based on the results they said, “This is going to be a really big disaster. At least one hundred thousand people will die in the United States. This figure could even increase to two hundred thousand.” In computer modelling, figures are analyzed and used to predict a likely outcome. A tremendous amount of governmental resources are spent managing this.

The media provides a moment-by-moment account of those who are critically ill from the coronavirus. It also talks extensively about the number of deceased—this creates a lot of fear. As figures start to soar, the subconscious mind may be prone to believe that the chance of catching the virus is inevitable.

The Wrong Influence is Dangerous

President Trump has always been a strong and positive man. He never believed in statistics or logic and lived in a different domain. If he was a believer in logic—he would never have become President. When he first started talking about the virus he said, “It is just the flu, it will just disappear” but then, he himself was influenced by science, mathematics and computer modelling.

Different cultures have a big influence on science and the attitudes of people. In India, people are very calm about the coronavirus and how it will be resolved. They know that there are 1.3 billion people living in a country which has very limited resources. It is impossible to test just one tenth of the population. Prime Minister Modi said “The use of some Ayurvedic preparations will help”.

We have been psychologized in the West to give credence to science and computers. But focusing on death can cause a lot of harm to the psychology of people. We need to focus on the other side.

Nothing Is, Unless Our Thinking Makes It So

Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati” means, “Whatever you think becomes reality”. We can collectively project negativity whenever we think with a negative mind-set. If scientists tell us that the virus will continue until the very end of June we are unlikely to question this.

In India, people are constrained by many things. This protects the economy. People do not panic and as such, their state of mind is protected. India is a spiritual country—the cradle of civilization and spirituality. People have a tremendous amount of faith. This has kept the country going and produced people like the Buddha.

So, it is important not to become fearful—fear can harm people. It is always good to remain calm and totally positive. Einstein said, “Where science ends, religion begins.”

God Bless,

Dr. Pillai


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