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baba holds nadi leaves


“How do I know my previous births?

The help came from many, many Nadis. Nadis are scriptures, astrological writings on palm leaves preserved. These writings were done by Yogis and Rishis about the Soul’s birth over a period of time, and also what those souls had been, is now, and what they will be in the future.

I have been greatly benefited by these readings, and these readings gave me an insight of my own Soul’s progress since its birth. When I look back at the literature that I have received and reflect on it, and then connect with it, I understand that my soul has something to offer, and that is evolution.

Let me start with the earliest incarnation of my soul. It came in many, many Nadi leaves, and it just is overwhelming to look at. That incarnation took place about 700 or more times, and that was my incarnation as Agasthiya.

Agasthiya is considered to be the foremost of all of the Siddhas who also evolved to the level of Siva himself and got the name Agasthiswara, meaning that he became God himself. When I came to this earth plane as Agasthiya, some 700 times, this information came in many, many Nadis, and even today it is coming. Recently I had a Nadi reading which said, ‘I am reading this leaf for my own incarnation living in this lifetime.’

It is very interesting to look at who is Agasthiya, what is Agasthiya. There is a Siddha who is considered as number one among the Tamil Siddhas. His name is Thirumoolar, and he has a chapter on Agasthiya. He said Agasthiya is not a person. He is consciousness, and this consciousness is something that everyone needs to develop.

It is the consciousness of the Self. The Self reincarnates itself over, and over, and over again. And then when he reincarnates he can assume a form and through that form he will be able to do miracles, to teach things about Medicine, Astrology, Astronomy, or Alchemy. These are some of the things that Agasthiya, when he came to the Earth Plane, was doing.

I began to reflect on it. Then I began to meditate and gather literature on Agasthiya, and that became very, very useful for me.

Agasthiya is the energy inside of you. It’s not that I am only Agasthiya, but everyone is Agasthiya.

And where is he? He is inside you because it is the Soul that is called Agasthiya. You have to have this Soul intelligence. All that we have is the mind intelligence, and then we have gone too far into the mind intelligence so as to completely lose touch with the Soul intelligence.

Agasthiya represents the soul intelligence. You have to get into the Soul’s intelligence and when you get into the Soul’s intelligence, there is nothing that you cannot do.

Then the human being becomes God.”

– Dr. Pillai

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