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The Sun entered Scorpio, the most occult sign, on November 16, 2014. As Scorpio is known as a fixed sign, the Sun entering Scorpio initiates a 9-hour period where the energy of Vishnu is abundantly available. Vishnu can bless you with wealth, healing, transformation, and spiritual bliss. Make sure to make prayers during this time. You can honor Vishnu with his mantra, Om Namo Narayanaya.

Ruled by the action-oriented planet Mars, Scorpio is the natural 8th house of the zodiac. Known as Vrischika in Sanskrit, its symbol is the scorpion. Scorpions can sting and sometimes are poisonous. On the other hand, a small amount of poison can actually be made into a medicine that heals people. Vaccines and homeopathic remedies are examples.

Scorpio represents the hidden side of life and occult powers. “Occult” means of or relating to supernatural powers or practices, secret. As the natural 8th house, it is a house of transformation, change, obstacles, and mysteries. It can relate to growth through pain, unearned wealth (like gifts and legacies), disturbing events, and longterm health or illness.

The Sun is our soul, the King of the Solar System, and is a planet of life force and integrity. In addition to the Sun, several other planets will be transiting Scorpio for all or part of the next month.

  • Saturn, planet of discipline, service and compassion
  • Venus, planet of beauty, love, devotion, the arts, and Goddess consciousness
  • Mercury, planet of communication, business, and money

Scorpio and the planets in it are enjoying a golden, beneficial aspect from Jupiter. Jupiter, being extra strong and exalted in Cancer, is giving energy to help bring about fixed assets that will produce income for years to come. Mars, the action-oriented planet of courage that rules Scorpio, will become exalted when he transits into Capricorn on November 27th. This is Thanksgiving Day in the US. Mars will be extra powerful and will be exchanging signs with Saturn, signifying both will be supporting each other. Muruga’s Pleiadian energy will help and guide our transformations. Doing charity – something to help people who are suffering – is always a great remedy to do for Saturn. Saturn always loves it when we help others.

Having several planets in the natural 8th house of the zodiac could bring more pressure to transform – for each of us individually and for the world. It’s time! The Sun’s intense light will reveal that which is no longer serving us. We may need to literally or figuratively clean out the junk from the closets and confront fears and painful old patterns. However, it is a great opportunity is to achieve victories over obstacles and to transform. This is the time to let go of a lower way of being in order to move on to a new, more empowered state. The energy here represents the primal life force (kundalini), which breaks down anything that is blocking its flow. This could create upheavals and changes. Don’t try to swim upstream; rather, choose to go with the flow of the changes. Go with the Divine flow and evolve towards more light and higher consciousness.


If you have obstacles of any kind, the elephant-headed Ganesha is the being who specializes in removing them. Check out Dr. Pillai’s special videos on Ganesha Solutions here. Dr Pillai was recently inspired to reveal more information about the power of Ganesha, including Ganesha’s memory and the unfailing Ganesha, Poiya Ganapati.

Om Gum Ganapatayai Namaha invokes Ganesha.

Om Suryaya Namaha invokes the Sun.

Love and Light, Radha

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