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mars into capricorn ee

Do you ever wish you could wake up at sunrise, meditate, practice yoga for an hour, write down your daily goals, cook a nutritious breakfast and still bubble with enough enthusiasm, energy and discipline to take you through the day? Come November 27th, this desire can turn into a reality as Mars enters into his sign of exaltation, Capricorn, where he gathers lasting strength, stamina and self-discipline.

This is great news. But although an exalted Mars is often more self-controlled than a weak Mars, this transit is a force to be reckoned with.

There are two reasons for Mars’ exceptional strength at this time. First, Mars can make you as courageous as a warrior or as a martial artist. You may need less sleep and want to increase your working hours. Second, Capricorn is the sign of stability—it represents conservative values and aims at material goals that will be reached, undoubtedly, through great focus and perseverance.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn who can be visualized as a senior executive who relentlessly tackles the to-do list. And, Mars is a good-looking warrior—not only is he young and fit, but he can also follow diligently the orders of his stern boss. This is a recipe for success, as Mars will help you implement even the most adventurous ideas and ambitious goals and leave you energy to spare.

Needless to say, this is an energy that must be channeled or we might stampede on others’ feelings and interfere with our need for love. So be gentle with yourself and others.

The connection between Saturn and Mars will be increased by a special ‘yoga’ (or astrological combination) caused by an exchange of signs between the two—in fact, Mars will occupy a Saturn-ruled sign and Saturn will be transiting through Scorpio, a Mars-ruled sign.

So, let’s look at some steps to benefit from this transit and be receptive to its positive aspects. Below are seven easy ways to be on Mars’ good side and make huge progress in your life.

Connect with this red superpower. Wearing red-colored garments will put you in touch with Mars’ vibrational frequencies.

Cool it down. If on the contrary you feel overheated or ready to charge at someone who is challenging you, you may already have too much Martian energy in you and need to wear cool and soft colors like pale grey or white.

Be self-controlled on the road and elsewhere. Mars can be a handful and we need to be skillful in handling his energy. Imagine yourself while driving a red Ferrari or a scarlet Corvette. Remarkably, records from the AAA Los Angeles library show that red cars are more often cited for speeding and accidents. And while other statistics from carmakers and insurance companies discount this very concept, there is a deeply held belief that drivers of red cars are more aggressive, dynamic and fast moving. So during this transit when Mars adds extra weight to our emotions, we require self-mastery behind the steering wheel and in all activities.

Re-commit to your fitness routine. If you have tried sticking to a fitness plan and failed, don’t look back—this time Mars in Capricorn is on your side and you’ll be able to achieve your fitness goals in time for the holiday season.

Be adventurous with your work. Youthful Mars won’t be intimidated by new itineraries. And with the energy and courage you can now muster you may be ready for a new job or try a career opportunity.

Do a ritual. The special sounds for Mars—Om Mangalaya Namaha—can bring you this planet’s positive influence. Offer red flowers along with a lamp (or candle), incense and fruit to his image or statue and ask for his blessings with sincerity. Repeat the sounds 108 or 27 times. Ask for miracles in real estate or a victory in any other field. You can also appease Mars if you are experiencing relationship conflicts and increase harmony.

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head Shot

 Energetic Updates

 by Lalitha Devi

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