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If you have ever attended Dr. Pillai’s Birthday Trip programs, you already know that he will be constantly teaching you some practical ways to change your life for the better—even in between the bus rides going to sacred temples. And a brush with enlightenment or some spiritual experiences may have already struck you.

Yet who cares about enlightenment when we are stressed with thoughts of mortgage payments, health issues, not to mention agony from relationships? This is a common question due to our misconception that enlightenment is for secluded ascetics.

But Dr. Pillai explains that his definition of enlightenment includes three very desirable conditions—omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence. The secret but practical steps to these yogic achievements constitute the very core of Dr. Pillai’s teachings and anyone, no matter how busy, can reach this state provided that there is enough commitment and true knowledge.

Learning these steps under the guidance and the energy transmissions from a Siddha Master is like child play—natural, joyous and unforgettable.

In India, Dr. Pillai may gently scold those whose minds wonder towards the beauty and antiquity of the surroundings, forgetting that the Deities are available to bring us wealth, enlightenment, a good relationship and anything else we need.

I personally experienced this, for example, when Dr. Pillai’s voice thundered during a trip to a powerful Vishnu temple two years ago. “The millionaires among you are connecting with Vishnu, while those with money problems are getting distracted. Pay attention!” And we were all glad for this reminder.

In fact, most of us returned home with an entirely new awareness around money. And when consciousness changes, denial, blame, excuses and procrastination vanish and material desires get fulfilled.

So below, I have listed seven tips you can actually implement to get your own experience of enlightenment—in ways that are practical and relevant to our modern lives.

Get your thoughts under your control. Our consciousness becomes apparent through our thoughts and the experiences that they produce. Even a pleasurable emotion stems from a previous thought. According to Vedic astrology, the nine Planets in our immediate solar system turn our karmic database into our thinking patterns. So we must appease the planets to avoid unhappiness. Chanting the planetary mantra of the day is often enough to remain conscious and avoid automatic responses to situations and challenges. Yogis, known for their superpowers, are aware of each and every thought and they appease the Planets with the following, brain-changing sounds:

Sunday: OM SURYAYA NAMAHA (for the Sun). OM KETAVE NAMAHA (for Ketu).

Monday: OM CHANDRAYA NAMAHA (for the Moon); OM RAHAVE NAMAHA (for Rahu).

Tuesday: OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA (for Mars).

Wednesday: OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA (for Mercury).

Thursday: OM GURAVE NAMAHA (for Jupiter).

Friday: OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA (for Venus).

Saturday: OM SHANECHARAYA NAMAHA (for Saturn).

Go on Dr. Pillai’s Birthday Trip to India. While this may seem like a more difficult step, I know by experience that when we are truly ready for this life-changing event, the money will appear—and often in unexpected and miraculous ways. Receiving Dr. Pillai’s blessings and first-hand energy can change you and bring you closer to the ‘ideal you’ that you have been dreaming about. The resulting happier and easier life will allow you to turn your mind to God, gain faith, trust and gratitude—prerequisites for bringing miracles into your everyday reality.

Sit by a river or ocean shore. Unless the temperatures plunge, sitting near a flowing body of water raises our consciousness and brings peace. You don’t have to meditate by the Ganga to feel refreshed, clear minded and boost your creativity—you can do the same near your home. Visualize the water flowing through your body, removing blocks to a more powerful and spiritual you. Call on Varuna, the Vedic deity of the celestial waters with these sounds ‘OM VAM VARUNAYA NAMAHA’. By bringing Varuna’s powers into your consciousness, you can receive his blessings in business and even acquire an intuitive capacity to recognize others’ lies.

Get up early. There is no substitute for the so-called Brahma Muhurtha, or pre-dawn time. This is when the mind resembles a calm lake and prayers or meditative practices become truly effective.

Shower often. In some Indian traditions, priests in spiritual seclusion are advised to bathe up to nine times a day. Although this is difficult for most of us, taking a normally long shower in the morning, followed by a quick rinse at two other times in the day can be a way to eliminate negativity. Again, when negativity is removed, our consciousness shines brighter and we remain more alert, creative, and purer in our thoughts.

happy buddhaRemain positive. We recognize saints and enlightened beings from their blissful and unfettered demeanor. Their consciousness is the result of unending focus on higher truths—our inborn divinity and the eternal nature of our lives, even after death—which in turn brings about endless positivity.

Fast. After checking with your physician, try fasting once or twice a week by eating only vegetarian, liquid foods. A blended vegetable soup in the winter, or vegetable and fruit juices in the summer are ideal ways of cleansing our consciousness by eliminating the drowsiness and lethargy typical after a conventional meal.

Enjoy your practice!

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 Energetic Updates

 by Lalitha Devi

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