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 What is Karma, really?

consideryourkarmaHere at Pillai Center, we talk about karma a lot. Karma is an overused term nowadays. It’s rarely used in the proper context except by serious practitioners of Hindu or Buddhist traditions. In general, people misunderstand karma to mean simple fate or destiny. Some reduce karma to luck, juju or mojo. Others believe karma is some kind of cosmic punishment and blame all their misfortunes on an outside force over which they have no control.

Karma is far more complex than this. It is a universal law which isn’t based on punishment, reward, or luck. Karma has everything to do with cause and eventual effect. Karma is a culmination of all thoughts and actions—both good and bad. It’s not done to you, rather it’s done by you all the time. A human being constantly experiences their karma in the form of thoughts and tendencies. Your reaction to these thoughts and the kinds of actions which follow, contribute to your current karmic situation. And it’s not just the actions of this life time that we have to consider but past lives as well.

What can be done about Karma?

Dr. Pillai teaches that everyone must deal with the effects of their karma, especially if you want to manifest. If you’ve spent this life or past lives repeatedly acting in selfish, destructive or hurtful ways you may be trapped in a cycle that forces you to repeat the same conditions over and over again. Until one does the work needed to counteract negative karma, the consequences of one’s actions can’t be escaped. Karma removal, or cleansing, is a spiritual process by which one can begin this work.

To manifest desires efficiently, it’s necessary to clear out the accumulated karmic effect of past actions. The Yogis and Siddhas of the Indian tradition fully understood this principle, spending lifetimes in meditation and spiritual research and development. They discovered ways to counteract negative karmic energy and take spiritual responsibility for all thoughts and actions. Dr. Pillai represents the Tamil Siddhas, whose unparalleled karma busting technology is just now being revealed to the world.

Everyone has free will. We all are free to make decisions based upon the thoughts in our heads and the conditions we face in the world. All of that is affected by karma. Karma removal then is absolutely integral to manifesting anything new. With the right tools, you can begin to understand the thought and behavioral patterns you carry from past lives, then free yourself from cycles of unkindness and negativity that trap you.

Clear Karma to Create a New You

Pillai Center’s New You program was born out of our commitment to bring the same methods used by the Siddhas to the whole world. It’s the perfect combination of Dr. Pillai’s exclusive teachings and the secret tools to accelerate your evolution. Everything you need to know is right HERE.

Click the Image for a New YOU.

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