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February 10th through the 14th is PACKED with the energy to reach your peak potential in Health, Wealth, & Love ….

Pradosham, 13th Moon, Tuesday, Feb. 11

The optimal time for Karma Busting! Performing karma removal remedies during the 13th moon maximizes their power, especially before Sunset. Warning: As your karma clears, you may experience less thoughts and the clarity to entertain only those which create success.

  • Chant the power sound: Thiru Neela Kantam 9, 108, or 1008 times (1.5 hours before Sunset for best results!)
  • Use limes to remove bad karma from head, neck and shoulders area
  • Pillai Center’s Guided Pradosham offer: https://www.sdhopecenter.org/node/2047

Vishnupati, Wednesday, Feb. 12

A rare and special window of time, happening only 4 times a year. The powers of Vishnu–preserver and sustainer of the Universe–intensify when the Sun moves into a fixed Zodiac sign. This makes it the most powerful day to invoke Vishnu’s blessings for a joyful life, beauty, good health, and abundant happiness!

  • Chant the power sound: Om Namo Narayanaya
  • Set intentions! Set financial goals now and make the commitment to measure yourself
  • HoPE Center’s Vishnupati Mini Wealth Workshop: https://www.sdhopecenter.org/node/2047

Full Moon, Thursday, Feb. 13

On Full Moon days ALL your prayers are intensified. This is an excellent time to come together as a group and pray for prosperity and abundance!

  • Chant the power sound: Shreem Brzee
  • HoPE Center’s Full Moon Fire Lab & Siddha Blessings. Join Venkatesh as he leads a Fire Lab for Goddess LakshmiUltimate Feminine Archetype for Wealth and all around abundance: https://www.sdhopecenter.org/node/2047

Valentine’s Day, Friday, Feb. 14

Explore the possibilities of Divine Relationship this year! Valentine’s Day falls on Friday, ruled by Venus–the planet which rules relationships, love, and pleasure.

Kleem Challenge, Feb. 14–28

What better time for a group commitment to infuse the world with KLEEM–the power sound of emotions, wealth, feminine power, and relationship power! Dr. Pillai says we need a “critical mass of people meditating” to combat the global crisis.

Masi Magha, Saturday Feb. 15

Once a year the birthstar Magha moves into or near the Moon during the Tamil month of Masa (Feb./Mar.) Magha gives Royalty Consciousness. This is the time to take control of your life, take it off auto-pilot, and shed the negative vibrations that keep you stuck.

  • Join the HoPE Center’s Friday evening Fire Lab for Aphrodite, Isis, and Lakshmi and take charge with the blessings and help of these highest goddesses of good fortune. https://www.sdhopecenter.org/node/2047
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