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  5. Happy Valentine’s Week!

Love is all around! This week is a very auspicious time to tune into celestial energies that will empower us with a whole lot of love and light more so than ever! You’re welcome to download this week’s guided meditation and complete call where you can receive some insights and shared experiences.

Let your heart and soul guide to you to be in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing which will only result in a positive outcome. Tune into the celestial support this week by reading more and participating in any of the FREE or paid services offered through Pillai Center or Astroved. Just reading about these empowerments will be like fueling up with super pure “food for your soul”!

Combined Power Pack Bundle, 4 Fire Labs: Tues Feb 11th to 14th:


Vishupati and the Millionaire Yoga Yantra: Wed Feb 11th



Dance of Transformation: Thurs Feb 13th


Kleem Challenge: Fri Feb 14th to 28th


Valentines Day Bundle of Love: Fri Feb 14th



Masi Magha: Get Blessings from Ancestors and Regain your Power Sat Feb 15th


Enjoy the Light and Love, Sucharita

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