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Archetypes can rock your world, transform you from the “everyday you” into the “you of your dreams.” You can literally feel like a different person when you contact a higher, celestial being. Before you know it, you are tapping into your highest potential.

On this special 5th Moon we are celebrating the birthday of a very beautiful archetype known as Goddess Saraswati, the river Goddess, protector of all students, of all fine arts, of all higher, true knowledge including astrology.

On the shores of the Indian River Saraswati, the population of the ancient Vedic people lived and prospered. They left the four Vedas, texts containing notions of astronomy, astrology, rituals and hymns for invoking celestial beings.

If you are looking for a powerful time window for anything regarding Saraswati’s domain, you are in luck. On her birthday she is closer to the earth plane and answering requests for her blessings more readily.

Imagine a divine and angelic being, her very lovely face, wearing a diaphanous dress, riding a white swan and holding a mala of crystal beads (or rosary) symbol of the pure knowledge that can be acquired through meditation. Another hand holds a marvelous-sounding musical instrument – the veena. Additionally she is clutching a book, representing the Vedas, the four texts of ancient, esoteric knowledge.

Today, Saraswati is approaching you and asking you what gift you need for acquiring the pure knowledge that you desire. Below are a few steps you can take to speak to her openly and receive her favors.

On February 3rd, take a shower and if possible wear some white, clean clothes. (If it’s appropriate, wear some pearls or moonstones.)

Offer a ghee lamp to a statue of Saraswati or to her photo. (You can also download one from the Internet and print it.)

Also, offer some white flowers, sweet fruits and burn some pleasant-smelling incense. Present these items to Saraswati while you recite the following sounds 108 or 27 times:


Sit comfortably in front of her photo or statue. Close your eyes. Ask with sincerity for what you need or want.

Visualize Saraswati smiling radiantly as she nods yes to your request. See her hand raised in a blessing gesture.

Visualize yourself as you receive Saraswati’s blessings in the form of a successful outcome for an educational or artistic project. See yourself basking in the light and bliss of this achievement.

See with your inner eye white light everywhere and a white lotus flower – signs that this archetype is near. Feel the bliss and mentally express your sincere gratitude for her intervention and the miraculous solution to your problem.

You can also chant a few times the following sounds to honor the horse-headed Hayagreeva archetype – guru (or teacher) of Saraswati:


Remain seated for a few more minutes to absorb the divine rays of these Celestial Beings.

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