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On this very auspicious day, December 16th, we celebrate Datattreya’s Jayanti, which means the birthday of Dattatreya who embodies all the three Gods in the trinity — Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer.

In Vedic iconography Dattatreya is shown with his four dogs representing the four Vedas, the sacred books of higher knowledge.

The Vedas contain hymns, philosophical guidance and rituals to help humanity live righteously and according to Sanatana Dharma (Eternal Truth).

These sacred texts include descriptions of the Divine in all forms, and the Devas – the divine energies and divine beings in the Universe.

A cow – representing Vishnu – accompanies Dattatreya, the Supreme God, whose hands and body show symbols of Vishnu (the discus), of Shiva (the trishul or trident) and Brahma (the three heads).

How to appeal to Dattatreya and receive his blessings for good fortune, health and success:

1. Take a shower and sit in a quiet place.

Ask Dattatreya to bring blessings from Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma in all areas of your life – on the material and the spiritual levels.

2. Offer a light (a ghee lamp or candle) and burn some incense to create a peaceful ambiance and access divine energy.

3. By chanting the following mantras you can receive blessings from the Trinity Gods.

Om Brahmaye Namaha

Om Nama Shivaya

Om Narayanaya Namaha

4. Offer some cooked rice mixed with yogurt to these Gods, along with some fresh fruit, flowers and a glass of water.

The offerings are both a sign of respect and a literal way to feed the Gods and please them. Dr. Pillai said that by feeding the Gods, they will in turn ‘feed’ you, meaning return the favor by fulfilling your requests.

5. Write a list of urgent intentions (‘sankalpa’ in Sanskrit) that you want to manifest.

6. With your eyes closed, visualize your wishes being fulfilled and feel the positive emotions. Think positively about them and know that your prayers have already been answered. Say your sincere thanks and feel gratitude.

7. Sit quietly for some time. Absorb the energy and the blessings of this day. Very slowly, open your eyes.

Best wishes for a very happy and fortunate Dattatreya Jayanti and the manifestation of your desires.

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