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Establishing FAITH and TRUST is the focus for this upcoming week. With faith, the Masters say, you can move mountains; miracles will happen; the divine will intervene on your behalf. Create utter positivity and transform your daily life activities.

Listen to the Guided Meditation download where you can vibrate with the sounds of faith: TRIPURA SAMHARA PRACHANDA SKANDAYA NAMAHA within your body, mind and soul using the VEL (Lord Muruga’s sacred spear that destroys negativity).

Members shared experiences and asked questions about TARPANAM, LEMON/LIME RITUALS and FEEDING THE HUNGRY and expressing GRATITUDE as a daily practice.

When members share their insights and experiences during our calls it inspires others to become more alert and aware of the “signs” that show up in our everyday life and of the message that it may reveal.

For example one member shared about ANTS showing up after her tarpanam offerings. After the call, another member posted a note on skype:

“Namaste, enjoyed the call this morning. Looked up ants in medicine cards. Patience is key word. Trust and patience. Have had a few ants on kitchen counter for weeks now. Every ant is part of the group mind working for the good of the whole. Ants have Faith. I will probably look at the ants differently now.” –RJ

Interesting to note how ants have a symbolic connection to the topic of faith. You can watch a webcast on Faith that Dr Pillai shared recently: https://www.pillaicenter.com/LiveHangout.aspx

Trust in the divine to reveal to you what it is that you need to do next and know that through your commitment to establishing utter positivity you will cultivate faith to move mountains and create miracles.

Please watch a Hangout on Miracles of Compassion here: https://www.pillaicenter.com/LiveHangout.aspx

You can pay attention to the New Moon (Tarpanam) Monday; 4th Moon (Ganesha Coconut Busting) Thursday; 6th Moon (Muruga/Vel/Faith) Saturday.

Enjoy your UTTER POSITIVITY practice this week and will see you next Sunday!

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