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Watch this week’s video on the Pillai Center Practice YouTube Channel, Powertime Practice 2020 playlist.

Namaste fellow spiritual travelers!

Sucharita welcomed us to the Power Time Practice call on Saturday October 3, 2020. This is a wonderful time of the year because this is the time to bring in the LIGHT! On this call, we are going to learn who to connect with in the Divine world to help us get through this very uncertain time.

Last week we talked about how Lord Saturn is doling out karma to us and how important it is to get his blessings. The guru of Lord Saturn is Kala Bhairava, a form of Shiva, who is the lord of time. Sucharita tells us about Ashta Bhairava homa which is a service being offered at Pillai Center and AstroVed for destroying fear and boosting confidence. This ritual will take place on Oct. 9, 2020. Ashta means “8” and Bhairava means “fearless one.” When we get this energy inside of us, our enemies will run away! In this ritual, there are 8 forms of Bhairava which will be honored on our behalf. Dr. Pillai says that we should honor this form of Shiva, Ashta Bhairava, the eight fierce manifestations of Shiva, to remove fear of all kinds. Ashta Bhairava is the ultimate archetype who destroys fear and inner negativities stopping you from success, progressing in life, and achieving your financial goals.

These are the 8 forms of Bhairava:

  1. Asitanga Bhairava (Creativity Boosting Bhairava) – Removes curses in life and enhances creative skills
  1. Ruru Bhairava (Bhairava Who Attracts Royal Favor) – Helps win over enemies and bestows power to attract and rule others
  2. Chanda Bhairava (Bhairava Who Bestows Confidence, Success, and Multiple Powers) – Improves confidence levels and grants success in competitions
  3. Krotha Bhairava (Bhairava Who Removes Obstacles in Constructive Efforts) – Removes obstacles in life
  4. Unmatha Bhairava (Doubt Removing and Progress Bestowing Bhairava) – Helps get rid of negative thoughts and gives growth
  5. Kapala Bhairava (Wealth Boosting Bhairava) – Bestows productivity and the ability to progress in work and action
  6. Beeshana Bhairava (Fear Diffusing Bhairava) – Helps conquer internal negativities and protects from evil eye
  7. Samhara Bhairava (Bad Karma Cleansing Bhairava) – Reduces the impact of past bad karmic deeds and helps realize dreams

There are the special herbs that will be offered to the 8 forms of Kala Bhairava. According to scriptures, offering eight sacred ingredients in the Ashta Bhairava Fire Lab can fulfill your prayers by invoking specific blessings.

  • Kungiliyam (Sacred Herb) – removes fear and invokes protection
  • Variety of Mixed Herbs – removes timidity, shyness, and boosts confidence
  • Black Peppercorns – overcomes enemies
  • Dried Red Chilies – enjoy power, authority and control the effects of negativity
  • Pumpkins – called as the Devatha Drvyam (the must-have sacred ingredient of the deity) can help overcome internal and external enemies
  • Indian Nettle Twigs – used to create the Homa fire and can intensify the powers and blessings of Bhairava
  • Ghee – elevates your sense of well-being, cleanses your aura of negativity, and carries your prayers to Agni (God of fire)
  • Black Urad Dhal (Soaked in Curd) – primary food offering that removes sins and bad karma

Live astrology consultations are always recommended by Sucharita.

There are a couple of courses at Pillai Academy about Kala Bhairava that Sucharita recommends: “Time Line Jumping” and “Kala Bhairava:Archetype of Time.”



Monday Oct 05, 12:32 AM until Tuesday Oct 06, 03:02 AM

Ganesha is especially very powerful and present on the 4th and 14th moon phases. Call on him to remove your obstacles by chanting his mantra, Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha. Roll and break a coconut or lime(s) to remove obstacles and karma.


Wednesday Oct 07, 05:17 AM until Thursday Oct 08, 07:07 AM ET

The 6th Moon (called Shasti in Sanskrit) is the most appropriate time to win the battle against negativity and evil eyes. This is a peak day for absorbing the energies of Lord Muruga (a divine warrior/healer) and the planet Mars. Muruga specializes in solving problems such as credit card debt, legal issues, health problems, etc. Call on Muruga by chanting Om SaRaVaNaBaVa on this day and by pouring milk/juice/water over a vel.


Friday Oct 09, 08:19 AM until Saturday Oct 10, 08:46 AM ET

Kala Bhairava has the ability to dissolve repetitive negative patterns that result in procrastination, lethargy, anxiety, and lack of motivation. Kala Bhairava makes you value your time so you can make the best use of the opportunities at hand and maximize gains. Udyamo Bhairava is a mantra for Timeline Jumping.


Monday Oct 12, 07:09 AM until Tuesday Oct 13, 05:06 AM ET

Ekadasi is the day when Vishnu’s blessings for wealth and health are abundant. Chant Om Namo Narayanaya for Vishnu or Shreem Brzee for his consort, Lakshmi.


If you are interested in scheduling one-to-one Personal Coaching with Sucharita, you are welcome to send a request to: sucharita@pillaicenter.com

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