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Ganesha Birthday Techniques

Dr. Pillai: “Prayer should join with meditation. Prayer is where you pray to God, and meditation is where God talks to you. To put it another way, in prayer, you talk to God; in meditation, God, (or in this instance, Ganesha), talks to you, and both of them have to happen.

Most importantly, or more importantly, God talking to you is more desirable. This is what I am going to be teaching during Ganesha’s birthday presentation. 

He has been communicating with me.

Ganesha is one I am in communication with because he is the most important, powerful, compassionate, intelligent Deity, God, or alien 

He told me today that I should teach a six-minute meditation on that day with eleven techniques, which will combine both prayer as well as meditation, which means you are praying to God and God talking to you coming together.

Out of these eleven techniques, which I will be talking to you, I know a few of them very well because he has been communicating with me. I want to present at least a few of them, or maybe do an outline of what you are going to learn in this webinar. 

Gana-Esha is the Lord of Gods or angels, or Ganas. They are right above our human space, environment, or atmosphere, and they can go anywhere they want to. They are evolved beings that can do things instantaneously. Ganesha is the head or the king of the Ganas. Even Gods use him and pray to him for his help, and with his help, they work. That is the concept.

If you have Ganesha and establish a connection with him minute-by-minute or event-by-event, life will be much easier, rewardable, and profitable

All kinds of things will happen. It is important that you develop a personal relationship with him. 

The eleven techniques that I would be teaching then during Ganesha’s birthday would be very useful. I am doing it not only for this year, but forever because it is going to be eternally true and valuable content that I would be providing.

The first technique that I would be teaching is the pre-eminence. 

You have to be pre-eminent; you should be second-to-none

That is the truth. We do not have that self-esteem. We have the lowest self-esteem possible. That is the nature of human existence.

Ganesha can help you raise to his level of second-to-none. Immediately, your negative mind will say, “My God, I do not even have a one-bedroom apartment. I do not even have a decent car. How can I be second-to-none?” That is the response. That is not only the response; that is the truth. That is what you think. Except that is really not the truth. The truth is you are God, you are Ganesha, and second-to-none. 

Who can give you that kind of consciousness?

Ganesha has preeminence. ‘VI NA YA KA,’ these sounds mean ‘one without a leader’—that is the literal translation of Vinayaka. I have nobody above me, second-to-none. I will teach you how to say that, and that will be one of the mantras that you will use as the first one because that is literally the true nature of everyone, whether you have money or do not have money, what race you belong to, all these are illusions. 

The reality is you are ‘VI NA YA KA’ 

The moment you say that sound, there will be changes that are taking place within your brain, chemistry, and atomic structure. 

When I was  talking about it, I remember one particular neuron in which Ganesha lives. The elephant, for instance, has it. Hanuman, the monkey, also has this Von Economo Neuron. Von Economo is the guy who found the neuron. It is found in very few animals, like monkeys, dolphins, elephants, and human cells that gives you extraordinary intelligence. That is preeminence, too. 

The other thing is that you have to bypass time and space. You think, ‘I am now here in Virginia and that is only an illusion. The truth is, you are everywhere. You are not bound by time or space. There was a competition between Ganesha and Muruga. There is a story level and a deep, philosophical, mystical, existential, and many other layers of interpretation of this narrative, which I am saying.

Once Shiva said, ‘whoever goes around the universe will get this gift.” Muruga goes, jumps on his peacock, and goes around the universe. Ganesha goes around the father and mother, which is Shiva, and Parvati then gets the gift. If you have Shiva and Parvati, the father of the universe, then you have gone around the universe, and you do not have to go physically.

The story is all about transcending space-time. Space-Time is now locking you into a low level of identity with the mind and body misleading you to believe this illusion. Einstein had no problem in saying that time is an illusion, and this Earth is an illusion. He said it is a persistent illusion. 

In order to get beyond this persistent illusion of time and space, Ganesha will help you 

I will teach you number two of that eleven meditation: How to get beyond time and space. It can be done in 11 seconds. I will always give a mantra for that. The mantra is enough. I am doing this not only for the upcoming Ganesha Chaturthi, but also to celebrate forever.”

Live Chanting and Meditation

August 23-29 at 6:30 pm PDT | August 24-30 at 1:30 am UTC | 7:00 am IST

We warmly invite you to join the remainder of the Live Ganesha meditation and chanting sessions led by a Pillai Center teacher as we come closer to Ganesha’s birthday. Meditating in a group setting can increase the benefits for all who participate, which means more obstacle smashing, karma clearing, and new beginnings for everyone who attends these powerful sessions!

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