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Ganesha and Satya Yuga

Dr. Pillai: “You have to master time or space illusion, get beyond it, and then get things done, not two years from now, but now. 

What is standing in between you and accomplishing anything is your misconception of time

The misconception of space and space-time illusion is a great discovery of Einstein. He also knew it was also an illusion, but he did not know how to get beyond the illusion. He did a good job in seeing the space-time continuum, an interwoven condition, which  I will talk about in the upcoming program for Ganesha Chaturthi.

The 14th moon is related to timing. 

The 14th moon and the 4th moon are time periods where you can access Ganesha’s energy

Chaturthi and Chaturdashi are Sanskrit words for the 4th and 14th moon. That is the time when you can have access to Ganesha’s energy more.

Then there is Bermuda grass. You can get this Bermuda grass, hold it, and access Ganesha’s energy through the Bermuda grass. You can get the Bermuda grass anywhere, and/or if you have an Indian store, you can get it. You can also get that on Amazon. That is more important to do. Then you can invoke Ganesha into the Bermuda grass by praying and communicating with him. 

All that you have to do is take the Bermuda grass and dip it into a glass of water. There will be a reaction that will take place when the grass hits the water. The water is hydrogen primarily, which is life. Hydrogen is not only life, hydrogen is also God. This simple ritual is also something that you can do. I will explain to you how this can be done. 

It is a matter of mastering space, time, and most importantly, Saturn. Saturn is a planet that most people are afraid of for valid reasons, because for most people Saturn will always cause delays and misfortune. This is not a bad planet. He does this in order to educate you to use your problems. 

If you want to escape from the ill effects of misfortune caused by Saturn, you have to worship Ganesha

There is a story about him. Saturn is capable of inflicting pain on everyone including Gods and Angels. They are also afraid of the one person who is not subjected to this influence of Saturn. There are two people. One is Ganesha. The other is Hanuman.

Let us talk about Ganesha. Saturn came and was ready to catch him because he was going to start his Saturn period. Then Ganesha said:

“Yeah, you are welcome. You are after all doing your duty, but I want to request you to consider coming tomorrow instead of today.”

“Oh yeah, no problem. And you are the Lord of the universe. I have to oblige. I will come tomorrow.” 

“Okay, come tomorrow.”

Then Saturn came and Ganesha reminded him “I asked you to come tomorrow. That is the answer today also. I stick to what I say. Come tomorrow.” Every day Saturn comes and he says come tomorrow. Then Saturn gave up on Ganesha.

Similar stories attribute it to Hanuman, too. Some years ago, I was inspired to do a combined statue of Ganesha and Hanuman together, and the statue is called the Ganesha-Anjaneya. It is in a temple I saw, and I was inspired to do that. Ganesha-Anjaneya will be another one that I will be teaching you on that day.

I have given this to you. At least the few things that I have said are enough even by itself.This presentation will give you a lot of benefits. If you are not joining the program, I would advise you to join the program because I will add more.

I am in contact with Ganesha because he is very important to me

For my next step, I asked him, ‘Can I do this?,’ or he will tell me by himself what to do. It is not only my prerogative, it is the prerogative of everyone. The only thing is you do not approach him, even though you do not have any resources. He does not need elaborate worship. Go to India. He is uncared for, and the statue of him is thrown everywhere in villages. under dead trees, live trees, and statues. He is willing to help everyone. That is the bottom line.

You can see his statue everywhere. Nobody even bothers; some people go around it, some do not care. 

He is there to protect humanity

He is the most compassionate being. He is not interested in complicated philosophy, although he is the most learned, he is available for everyone even in very simple villages who do not even know how to read or count. He is there for them. He surpasses time, he is beyond time. He is beyond space, and as a result, he is available to everybody. 

The last point that I want to make in this session is  the prominence of Ganesha during the past. Ten years is a prelude to the upcoming Golden Age. The Golden Age is preceded by a lot of changes in the universe. In the Earth plane, you see lots of things are going wrong. Look at the wars and drought going on. There are people suffering without food and medicine. Even globally, the supply of food has come down drastically.  There is also climate change, troublesome Corona, which is also increasing. These are clear indications of the end of time, and the beginning of the Satya Yuga, Golden Age. 

Ganesha will be the presiding Deity of Satya Yuga

There is no reason for anyone to go through Karma. Karma should be outdated in the Golden Age. It may be relevant now and in the bygone yugas, but in the Satya Yuga, there will be only joy; it is Heaven on Earth. That will be the prayer that we will be doing on that birthday celebration.

This is briefly what I am going to do in the upcoming program. I invite you to do the program. This will also be available right after that, too.

God bless.”

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