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Durga New Moon

Dr. Pillai: “Durga is a Goddess who kills demons. If you recite her mantra for a few minutes, you will find that Durga becomes strongly established in your awareness, and the demons cannot stand Durga’s energy, so they just leave. And after fifteen minutes, you just find that you are back to your normal self. 

If you do not kill that demon, you will probably sit there the whole day and be very negative. You will not want to meditate, go out, or do anything. You will have no interest at all. Maybe you will watch TV, and drink a couple of beers. 

It is very important to kill the demon right away, but you cannot do it on your own. 

You have to use Durga’s energy to kill demons

If you just listen to this chant for a few minutes, or fifteen minutes, within fifteen minutes, the demon will get out of your awareness. Then, miraculously you will find that you have more energy. 

This happens when you are sick too. When you find that you have some physical problem or some pain, use this chant. Even people who are experiencing a heart attack, or panic, or a traumatic situation – if they just use this Durga’s mantra, within fifteen minutes, the energy goes away.

If you do this Durga mantra for 45 days, the demons that control poverty will be out. 

Durga dispels Dukkha 

What is Dukkha? It means suffering. That is why she is called “Durga.”

Whenever you find that you are being attacked, do this mantra. Then, you will find that you are out of it. It is very important that you constantly kill the demons that destroy you.

When you feel depressed or have low energy, this Durga mantra will drive away the depression. When you wake up in the morning and you feel that something is not right and you feel low, then you have to do this Durga mantra.

Durga will kill the demons who cause poverty. That is why I gave the techniques to drive away poverty. Those demons will fight to stay with you. But Durga will put up a fight. That is why some people feel so depressed, because those energies are not willing to get out.”

Invoke Goddess Durga to Eradicate Evil Forces

Goddess Durga is the fierce form of the protective Mother Goddess. She is quick to unleash her anger against negativity and harm. She is referred to as the “Universal Mother” and her energy can be used against the forces of evil and wickedness.

The New Moon is one of the best times to connect with Goddess Durga for quick and miraculous solutions to life problems. She has the power to destroy negativity and evil forces and offer you protection. She can also bring the changes you desire in your life.

“The New Moon is the time for connecting with the Archetypes of Gods and Angels that give you transcendence as a samadhi experience. It can also be something that can take you out of the mind and give you a divine experience… favorable for the mind to grow into a quiet state.” – Dr. Pillai

Maximize the upcoming New Moon powertime by participating in the “Eradicate Evil Forces” Interactive Fire Lab, conducted by Priest Premaraja.

  • Invoke a direct encounter with Goddess Durga
  • Offer your prayers to seek protection
  • Call on Durga’s Divine intervention for fast results

Join us on August 25, 7 pm PDT | 10 pm EDT

Learn more and sign up today



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