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Preparing for Ganesha's Birthday

Dr. Pillai: “Who can give intelligence? Ganesha can give you intelligence. There are

many techniques I have taught over a period of twenty years that all become now available for this.

Ganesha is himself conditioned by time, although he is above time

When I was growing up in India, very few people celebrated Ganesha’s birthday, but now they have statues, 25 and 30-foot statues.

They are taken in procession, and people relate to Ganesha more, although they do not know the significance of Ganesha.

I want to do one thing. Some people will relate to this message I am going to give you. Tim Cook, who is the head of Apple, landed in India and first wanted to go to the Ganesha temple in the financial district of Mumbai. 

Why? Because Steve Jobs said that he learned in India what he did not learn in the US. And what is that? That is knowledge beyond your mind, beyond your intellect, beyond your analysis, beyond your artificial intelligence.

I am very delighted to present to you and give you an initiation that is the understanding that supersedes whatever I have done before about understanding Ganesha, as the being, as an alien who is available all the time and who is the creator. He is out of time so that you do not have to waste time.

Wasting time is not worthwhile 

I have a saying that goes, “Waiting is a waste of time.” 

What is time? 

First, I am going to teach you, what time is, where it is located, and what the progression of scientific past, present, future is, and how they are related to Ganesha, the brain, the subtle body, and how understanding these things are going to collaborate and give you a total picture of being in the now and also manifesting the right thing.

We end up manifesting stupid things. Why? Because our understanding is so small and I cannot even get that, for most people, believe me, even to get $100,000 is a big deal. It is not because God does not want you to have it. 

God wants you to have everything 

Even in the Bible, it states, “Give me a call, I will give you everything, I will give you the end of the world as your inheritance.” It is not a new teaching. Be still and know that you are God. It is a matter of understanding Quantum Reality, not your gross molecular reality. We are very proud of our understanding of DNA, but that is nothing. We are now in a very gross reality. Ganesha presides over Quantum Reality.

That is why there was a competition between Ganesha and his brother.

The Story of Shiva, Ganesha, Muruga, and the Mango of Wisdom

Shiva told Ganesha and his brother Subramanya, Muruga that there is a competition.

If they win the competition, they will get the wisdom fruit, wisdom Mango. The competition was, whoever goes around the universe and comes back first gets the fruit, the mango. 

Ganesha thinks about it because he is pictured as pot-bellied and rides on a mouse. These are all very significant, so I will talk about it when I give you the initiation. 

He thinks about it. His brother is slim and also he has a peacock. The peacock is a humongous peacock, and it can go around the universe quickly. As soon as the competition was disclosed by Shiva, Muruga got on his peacock and was going around the universe. Ganesha did not do anything. He went around Shiva and Parvati and then came to the father.

‘Father, give me the fruit. Why? I won the competition.

How? You never went anywhere, you are sitting here.

No, I just went around you. Are you not the universe?


Then I circumvented my mother Parvati and you. Does it not equal to going around the world?

Yes, here is the mango.’

This is just not the story. I will also explain to you what circling the statue of Ganesha or any statue means. All that will be, I will take time to explain and then give an experience to you.

That is Ganesha’s gift to me, and I will just give it to you 

As I have said many times to you, I do not know what word will come to me at what time because I just surrender not to my rationality, or my analytical brain, but to the timeless, spaceless, unlimited infinite reality of being everywhere, knowing everything – omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.

That is a life worth living. 

We are all ready for it. 

Thanks to Ganesha, he gave me this opportunity and made me an instrument to come to the Earth plane and then help the human beings, and the Earth plane to evolve. 

Om Gum Ganapatayae Namaha, Ahuvahanaya Namaha

Ganesha removes ignorance and gives you intelligence. 

Thanks, Ganesha. God bless.”

Watch The Replay of Dr. Pillai’s Ganesha Teaching & Revelation

7 Days of Live Chanting and Meditation

August 23-29 at 6:30 pm PDT | August 24-30 at 1:30 am UTC | 7:00 am IST

A Pillai Center Teacher will host a week of Live Ganesha meditation and chanting sessions leading up to Ganesha’s birthday. Meditating in a group setting can increase the benefits for all who participate, which means more obstacle smashing, karma clearing, and new beginnings for everyone who attends these powerful sessions!

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