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Ganesha Birthday

Dr. Pillai: “The highest accomplishment is ‘getting things done instantaneously,’ which is the specialty of Ganesha.

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability as human beings. We have to have Divine knowledge, which are three categories: not only knowledge, but also the ability to do omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, and all these things are possible. 

They can be explained in terms of quantum physics, quantum tunneling, and being present everywhere. 

Biologists now can interpret and prove that being present in two places is reality, but I am not here to talk about quantum biology. I am going to talk about quantum theology: How to use the Divine-self (that we are already) to get things done instantaneously, to know everything.

The presiding Divine being (or alien), who can give you the knowledge of knowing everything, doing everything, and being present everywhere, is Ganesha. That is why, according to the Yogis, the Siddhas, and the Rishis of ancient India, the most important Divine being is Ganesha. 

Ganesha can operate outside of time and space

Ganesha is the master of everything. He has great compassion for human beings who are ignorant, and they are ignorant because of their ego. If you can get rid of your ego, then you will have everything. That is as simple as that, but it is the most difficult thing because your human ego, which is your human ignorance, is the reason why we are not omniscient and omnipotent.

You are so stuck. You keep on repeating the mistakes day in and day out. That is the condition of a fall.  In the Old Testament, Christianity says that differently: it is fall from that Divine-self to the human- self. It is all because of ego that was developed by Adam and Eve because of Lucifer. 

One thing that is for sure is: you have everything

This is quantum physics. You have to go to that level of quantum reality and that quantum reality is the soul reality, not the mind reality.

Ganesha will give you two things that I am going to talk about and I will also give an initiation when I start this program. I am very happy to do that. To my knowledge, I have been teaching about Ganesha for the past thirty years. 

When I compare my understanding of Ganesha today to my understanding twenty to twenty-five years ago, the change is immense. 

I made it a point all the time that I do not simply repeat what I have learned from books. 

Ganesha has to reveal to me his secrets, and he has been doing that 

If I do the teaching tomorrow, that teaching will be very different from the teaching that I am doing today. I want to be precise because time is really valuable.

Ganesha does not like wasting time because he wants things to be done instantaneously. Ganesha wants things done instantaneously. 

He wants to know everything instantaneously. All the mythologies worth reading about Ganesha talk about instantaneous manifestation, instantaneous knowing, and instantaneous presence –being everywhere at the same time. 

All of that is possible although you may not have even finished your high school. The learning that we get in schools and colleges is academic training that may or may not give you a livelihood. But if you want to be so fulfilled and to have skill –action skill, knowing skill – of being everywhere, then you have to understand things differently.

Unfortunately, although we live in the United States, the richest and very advanced country, we still do not have a course taught in schools on intelligence.

There is no subject-matter; there is a lot you can learn about intelligence. When you go to school, the teachers do not even know what intelligence is.

Ganesha is intelligence personified 

Ganesha is intelligence personified, and that is not the intelligence that modern psychology is talking about. Modern psychology does not even have a comprehensive definition of intelligence.

If you go to ancient Yogis, they asked the question, ‘What is intelligence?’

They asked, if Intelligence is thinking or our ability to think.

Thinking is different, that is “manas.” (Manas is mind in sanskrit). The mind is different. Then that is not it (intelligence).

That (mind) is restless, and it is leading you to an analysis immediately.

All of them (analysis) are taking place in the manas (Mind).

Bhuddhi (Ability to process the thoughts and take decision) is the analysis.

Chitta, is the best out of the psychological process. (Manas + buddhi)

Then there is ego that comes in, puts everything together and then confuses you. You have to get beyond all this to get intelligence.”

Live Teaching with Dr. Pillai 

Join Dr. Pillai this Sunday, August 21st, at 9 am PDT for his second in-the-moment teachings and revelations about the elephant-headed obstacle remover Ganesha. These free sessions will help you prepare for Dr. Pillai’s special initiation on Ganesha’s birthday. 

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A Pillai Center Teacher will host a week of Live Ganesha meditation and chanting sessions leading up to Ganesha’s birthday. Meditating in a group setting can increase the benefits for all who participate, which means more obstacle smashing, karma clearing, and new beginnings for everyone who attends these powerful sessions!

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