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“I am a practical guru.” ~ Dr. Pillai

The Sun enters the Zodiac sign of Virgo mid-September in both North America and Asia. He will stay there until the middle of October. Virgo is a pragmatic sign with feminine, earthy energy. Virgo is considered the most detail-oriented of all the signs of the Zodiac. The Sun’s transit into Virgo illuminates the principle of practicality and a down-to-earth application of intelligence.


The Sun in Virgo, a Zodiac Sign with a Symbol Rich in Details

 “Virgo is represented by a virgin in a boat with grains in one hand and a light in the other.” ~ Classical description of Virgo

This description is the most complex of all the Zodiac symbols and is quite rich in detail.

  • Virgin suggests purity and reminds us of the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness.” The image also emanates a love of Goddess energy.
  • A boat is an image suggesting a life with transitions.
  • Boat also implies water, a source of life force with cleansing, healing and spiritual properties.
  • Grains are often considered an essential food element for human life. As a symbol, they convey a realistic willingness to be in touch with how to survive.
  • Light imparts the idea of seeking brightness.

A shrine in Jaipur, India has painted murals of the symbols of the Vedic Zodiac signs, and below is the mural for Virgo. One mural contains all the elements of the classical description of the symbol for Virgo.


The Sun in Virgo, a Zodiac Sign with a Symbol Rich in Details


Interestingly, in the Celtic Gaul tradition, there is a river goddess called Sequana. It is said she has been worshipped at Fontes Sequanae, the source of the Seine River near Dijon, France since perhaps 500 BCE. She rides a boat that has a duck shape, and her boat looks similar to the mural at Jaipur. Her outstretched arms welcome pilgrims who come to her shrine for healing.
Pillai Center


Each year, an Equinox occurs during the Sun’s time in Virgo (Fall Equinox in the northern hemisphere and Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere). Around the world, many people engage in some extra cleaning for fall or spring. In doing so, they are taking advantage of the energy of purity associated with Virgo. 

In addition, the Sun entering Virgo can light up gifts to manage details, interest in impeccability and a drive for perfection. 

The Sun in Virgo is a favorable time to put focus on prioritizing and handling our tasks and duties. It is a good period to apply our skills and intelligence toward our manifestation goals.


The Sun in Virgo: Good Time To Focus on Business and Number

Mercury rules Virgo.  Among the planets, Mercury is considered the merchant planet. He is in charge of all forms of buying and selling. The Sun in Virgo can help us apply our intelligence toward business matters. This is also an effective time to deal with any issues related to accounting, mathematics or numbers in general.

The Sun in Science News

NASA actively works with many other international space agencies to advance our understanding of the Sun and its dynamic effects on space.

Using many solar observatories scientists continue to study everything from the Sun’s atmosphere to its surface.


The Sun in Virgo (mid-September to mid-October)

A gentle reminder that all the planets, including the Sun, like it when we perform acts of compassion. It is always a good gesture to do an act of kindness for others such as feed a hungry person or help an elderly or a disabled person or make a donation to Dr. Pillai’s charity Tripura Foundation or any other charity of our choice. 

May the Sun bless us during his stay in Virgo and help improve our tendencies to become pragmatic people. May he illuminate the quality of practicality in our lives and empower us to become more organized, patient and productive. May he inspire us to grow in purity and to tackle our various cleaning projects. May he help us become more lucid in all business matters. May he guide us toward greater healing in all areas of our lives. 

May light encompass all.

Swamini Valli Wells is a Pillai Center Teacher and an AstroVed Astrologer who does Live Astrologer Consultations for the USD version of AstroVed, Dr. Pillai’s astrology site.


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