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Manifesting with God self

Dr. Pillai: “Your human ego relates to the negative more than the positive. It is a difficult time to be positive. That is the nature of the human ego and the human mind. 

The human ego and mind go together. You have to alter this through affirmations, positive affirmations like: ‘I have made a million dollars today.’  Immediately, the human ego and mind will say ‘You are lying. It is impossible to make a million dollars a day, not even a year, not even ten years.’

The Human ego and mind will immediately believe it. 

We have to do something about your human mind and human ego 

You have to have affirmations to bring in the alternate ego called the ‘alter ego,’ or the ‘alternate mind.’ The alternate ego and the alternate mind have no problem in thinking, believing, and creating what may be considered as impossible to the human mind and ego.

If you say ‘I have already made a million dollars today,’ or ‘I am making my million dollars today,’—these two affirmations are one about the past while the other is about the present. ‘I have made a million dollars’” is the past, and ‘I am making a million dollars a day’” is  the present. The alter ego will love that. 

That will change your life. The human ego immediately will say, ‘Well, I can accept it. At least it is something positive, although it is not going to happen.’ That is the human ego. But the alter ego says, ‘No, it has already happened. It is happening now.’ 

If you go on saying something like this, you will see the change in your human ego

But the human ego will fight it and will not allow it because it is deeply entrenched in negativity, number one.

Number two is that consensus reality, which does not believe this.

Number three, it is your karma. Karma is linked to your ego and mind. Karma will say, ‘No, this is my life. I have accepted it. I grew up in a very negative family, peer group, neighbors, etc.’ Karma, the negative mind, and everything will all be transformed if you keep on saying, ‘I have made a million dollars. I am making it now as we speak,’ finished.

For many people, making a billion dollars a day is not relatable at all. You have to customize it to yourself. What you want to do is to select a figure, which is audacious, or somewhat outrageous, but at the same time is relatable.

A mantra is a magic word. A magic word is something that creates magic, a miracle. The mantra need not be in Sanskrit, it can be in English. For instance, if someone wants to make money every day, he has to say, ’I need to make money every day, I am making money every day.’

Go on saying, ’Making money every day, making money every day.’

What will happen is, your ego will go from the negative ego, which says it is impossible to make money and move to what is called an ’Alter ego.’ An alter ego simply means an altered ego.

The altered ego is nothing but your own Higher Self 

Start with saying making money every day. Your ego will say, ‘This is impossible. I have a job. I am doing my job., I do not have a job, or I have a small business and it does not create money every day.’ This is your ego. 

Your altered ego simply means alternate ego. The alternate ego is your Higher Self, God Self. It will recognize the possibility of making money every day. Your human ego will not, but your altered ego has no problem.

What will happen? 

As a result, you will be able to make money every day

How? Don’t ask how, where, when, or what. Just keep on saying this mantra ’Making money every day.’  You will see, that you will move from skepticism – negativity of your ego self – and go to your own God Self, which is the altered ego. 

God bless.”

Attracting Money vs Making Ego Money

Dr. Pillai is giving powerful and simple teachings to help people manifest their desires with God’s energy.

You can watch the replay “Manifesting Money with Your God-Self” hosted by Pillai Center teacher Mohini here: 

She shares Dr. Pillai’s new teachings and explains how to apply them to live as God and manifest abundance.

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