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Cleansing Negative Cortex

Dr. Pillai: “We have to cleanse the negative cortex of the brain of all identity and then put in the identity of a millionaire.

How do we cleanse this area? That is what we are going to do now. I am going to give you a simple technique, a meditation for that. It has a philosophy that would take me a few hours to explain, but I am not going to do that. 

I will give you just like a pill, all the things that I give you now. It is just like a pill because it is something like if you have a headache, you give aspirin and then nobody needs to know about the pharmacology of the aspirin. You just take the aspirin and then your headache is gone. 

That is how it is. This is just like a pill, for stopping the negative cortex and getting you beyond an unlimited identity. 

How To Perform the Technique 

Close your eyes. 

Now focus attention on your brain. 

You can just focus on our forehead. That is pretty easy to do. 

If you move upwards again, you can go to the Parietal lobe that gives you a spatial orientation of where you are sitting, where you are, and partially your identity, too.

Then there is the Occipital lobe which is involved with your vision and on the sides, just about where the ears are – the Temporal lobes. 

You can focus on all that and then go back to the third eye, through which you can enter the Pineal gland. 

The Pineal gland can give you access to a Timeless Zone, where you can Change Dimensions

We are just focusing attention on different parts of the Cortex.

 Focus your attention on the midbrain too. 

Just imagine the midbrain. 

Now fill the entire brain with the energy of the sky.

In order to help you with the visualization, just see your whole brain filled with a blue sky. There are no clouds, a blue sky, ethereal in nature, no substance, but filled with the sky.

This is going to cleanse your negativity in the different cortexes and the rest of the brain as well.

Imagine the Blue Sky occupying the entire Brain 

It will accelerate your time. Then you will not be waiting forever because you are filling yourself and the brain with space vibrations. Then you will understand my teaching that waiting is a waste of time. Ordinarily, the rest of the brain is saying “waiting is proper and we have to wait.” But it is a waste of time. Filling the brain with the sky will change it.

It will give you unlimited consciousness called “Chit,” which is “Chidakasha” in Sanskrit, and from which your limited mind comes into being “Chitta.”

One is Chit, the sky. ‘The sky is the limit’ is a book by Wayne Dyer, to whom I gave the “Ah” meditation. And they developed this book, “Manifest your Destiny,” based on that. 

You can Manifest your Destiny by Changing the Brain

You can manifest your destiny. That is the truth. How do you do it? By changing the brain. You are filling your brain with the energy of the blue sky. 

 The Frontal, Parietal, Occipital, and Temporal lobes is the Neocortex area. Go inside and fill the brain with this energy. You are delimiting yourself. You have not the old identity, ‘I am John the carpenter.’ Who said that?

You are reinforcing that identity. That identity should be gone. As more space and sky energy is penetrating into every neuron of your brain, the identity is gone. That is how you cleanse the negative cortex. This is what has to be taught in schools.

Within a few minutes, you can experience a tremendous amount of change within the Neurons 

The neurons reorient themselves with this new energy which is unlimited. 

Instead of asking yourself the question, “How can I change my negative attitudes, then try to read many books, and waste time on seminars and workshops?,” just save that money, sit down in your apartment or house, and fill your cortex and the midbrain and every part of the brain with a space energy.

This is Yogic technology and this does not cost any money. I am giving this out for free. This is God’s gift. 

All that you need is the training. That is why we have the training program. Because otherwise, when you go out of the session you will go and do whatever you have been doing. 

That is very important, to discipline yourself. That is why the coaching program is important. Otherwise it will automatically go into the negative mode. It needs training.”

Enlightened Entrepreneur Workshop 

The Enlightened Entrepreneur Workshop, hosted by Pillai Center teacher Beth DesMarais, is an interactive session designed to help you move beyond mindsets that sabotage your creativity and entrepreneurial success. 

Beth will guide you through an immersion into Dr. Pillai’s process of meditation, “Cleansing the Negative Cortex,” as revealed in his revolutionary Millionaire Yoga masterclass. Before and after the meditation, Beth will lead you through a technique which reveals thought patterns sidetracking your aspirations so future entrepreneurial endeavors can blossom.

During the workshop, you will learn:

  • To experience a clean slate, start-over consciousness that cuts ties to your past limitations
  • To create a victory mindset to overcome blocks in yourself and blocks from others 
  • To embrace money with joy and experience a flood of opportunities which come with your newfound joy