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Great Night of Shiva

Dr. Pillai: “The night of Shivaratri is very important because it is the day that can give you the highest wisdom that is possible beyond the mind. That is what is needed because the mind’s intelligence can give you only limited success because the mind itself is limited. 

We have to go beyond the mind

There is an opportunity for everyone, regardless of whether he or she is educated or uneducated, whether he or she has skills or not will benefit from this program if he or she remains alert. 

That is how the practice of keeping vigil on Shivaratri night is so important 

What is going to happen on this night, or why is this night so significant? Because it is the night when there is a special blessing from Lord Shiva and he picked this particular night to help not only the human beings here on this Earth plane, but also the entire universe. 

During this night, the mind principle can totally be erased and you can be in a different state of consciousness and that consciousness. That is Shiva’s consciousness. 

Shiva’s consciousness is the Ultimate consciousness

You do not have to do anything. You will see miracles happening if you have Shiva’s consciousness. Then you will see your education, skills, strategies, and maneuvering – all these are irrelevant. 

You can succeed in life quite easily provided you fall in love with Lord Shiva 

He will give you a great boon of going beyond this mind on this day, going beyond the senses, and that is what is going to happen when you remain alert and start chanting the words, the sounds, then you will be transformed.

In recent times, it became very clear to me what my mission is in this lifetime. It is to bring to the attention of people that religion is a science, a supernormal force that can bring miracles in your life. I started this mission on the very auspicious time of the Great Night of Shiva. 

Shiva descends into the Earth plane and dissolves the karma of people

I have decided to do an initiation into the mantra of Shiva, followed by a hydration ritual called Abhishekam. I personally look forward to the benefit of everyone who needs karma removal as well as spiritual transformation. God bless.”

#1 Destiny-Changing Powertime of the Year

Pillai Center warmly invites you to celebrate this 2023 Great Night of Shiva to help you change your destiny specifically during this once-a-year time. Receive key components derived from Dr. Pillai, Siddha wisdom, and sacred scriptures. There will be specific meditations, rituals, and group gatherings targeted to:

  • Supercharge your meditations
  • Remove negative ancestral and planetary karma
  • Overcome poverty and misery
  • Heal the body on all levels
  • Establish inner peace and joy
  • Gain the power of nature through the elements
  • Dissolve the mind to experience your Divine nature


Chant To Dr. Pillai’s Complimentary Shiva Mantra Audio of “Om Namah Shivaya”  

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