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Muruga's Mantra

Dr. Pillai: “The Muruga mantra, when you are chanting it, I am going to make some arrangements so that it is doable for everyone. All that you do is to block all the thoughts. You do not  have to block the thoughts. 

You replace all the thoughts you have with one thought, and that thought is Muruga and his mantra

This is how we do it:

Muruga (11x)

Join me.

Muruga (82x)

I stopped at some places and then I will start it, too. It is all guided by Muruga himself. 

Muruga (53x)

I hope there is someone complementing the music so that you can dance, lose yourself, and get accessed by Muruga. The whole idea is getting possessed by Muruga, and you should not be what you are as John or Linda.

Muruga (90x)

The language here is just not the heard one, the vocal one. It starts as a Nada. Nada is a very subtle unheard sound, but it can also be heard by the soul.

Muruga (38x)

You have been struggling to control the mind you cannot, and you will never beable to control them. None will be able to control them. Even the yogis complain that they cannot control the mind because thoughts do come. The only way is you can replace your thoughts with Muruga. 

Muruga means that highest thought

What is the highest thought? it will liberate you from all sufferings from the body and mind, and then give you the highest intelligence and liberation. That is why he did it consciously to put me into yogic Samadhi and then made me do this for you because he loves you. Gods love every human being because Gods have been human once. 

They knew that it is so hard to be on this Earth plane, where you have to really do things which you do not want to do. But survival makes it necessary for people, even good people, to behave differently. 

One more thing that I want to talk about is that the Satya Yuga will be available to you. 

Muruga is also descending into the Earth

He is already always there, but he is going to be more present during this period of time.

He has already revealed a lot of secrets, which I will share with you during that session when you become Muruga yourself, and create an environment.

Footage from the divine theater where you become Muruga and kill the demon will be available, and I will ask them to post it. A local television also featured it, but it is in Tamil. What we will do is we will post it, and  since I have given you the context. It will be easy for you to understand.

I just wanted to give you something very concrete today, and that is why I chanted. This chant will be looped and presented. They also want to give you a silent meditation in which you do not do anything. 

What do you do? You look at me, and I am going to remove my glasses so that you can see me without glasses and keep on looking at me.

Look at my eyes.

Go beyond time. Time is an illusion.

Go beyond form. Form is an illusion. Form is an illusion.

You do not exist. I do not exist. Nothing exists.

Om (3x) 

Shanti (3x)

Keep your eyes closed. Put your attention on your pineal gland.

Muruga is coming into the pineal gland and change the atoms of negativity, Maya, illusion.

Thank you Muruga. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You can keep your eyes closed, and then experience Muruga cleansing your pineal gland. Otherwise you are free to go open your eyes. I look forward to seeing you on the last day.”

Watch Replay of Dr. Pillai’s Free Live Teaching 

Click the video below to watch the replay of Dr. Pillai’s recent live event to learn how you can receive maximum benefits from this once-a-year celestial powertime called Skanda Shasti. 

Free 6-Day Immersion Series | Community Meditation and Chanting to Muruga Mantra

Engage in the remainder of a variety of immersive meditations and mantras from Dr. Pillai, as well as interactive tips to try at home to help you best experience the karma-clearing rewards of Skanda Shasti. You are welcome to replay the sessions if you missed it. 

These experiences can help you achieve a conducive state to invoke Muruga, connect with your higher self, activate your third eye, and experience a deep focus on karma-clearing throughout your chakras.


Day 1 | How to Evolve with Lord Muruga

Oct. 25 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 26 at 1 am UTC | 6:30 am IST


Day 2 | How to Clear Anxiety, Depression, Fear or Anger with Lord Muruga’s Vel

Oct. 26 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 27 at 1 am UTC | 6:30 am IST


Day 3 | How to Erase Bad Karma with Lord Muruga’s Vel

Oct. 27 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 28 at 1 am UTC | 6:30 am IST


Day 4 | How to Raise Kundalini & Gain Wisdom with Lord Muruga’s Vel

Oct. 28 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 29 at 1 am UTC | 6:30 am IST


Day 5 | How to Stop Mind Chatter & Challenge Death with Lord Muruga’s Grace

Oct. 29 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 30 at 1 am UTC | 6:30 am IST


Day 6 | How Lord Muruga’s FAITH Mantra Bestows Utter Positivity

Oct. 30 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 31 at 1 am UTC | 6:30 am IST



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