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Check-out the NEW GOOGLE HANG-OUT VIDEO for Dr. Pillai’s 65th BIRTHDAY TRIP


“This is THE trip I have looked forward to for a very long time! I want to do something new, something more profound. The time is right!

Astrologically speaking this is very similar to the time I was born so this is an opportunity for me to be reborn.

This is going to be a new life. I will completely sacrifice my life for the betterment of the human race.

The real wealth is not money, it’s not fame. It is self realization! People who respond to this are the souls who have done this work before.”

~ Dr. Pillai

Did you know that Dr. Pillai’s unique Siddhi power is the ability to change a person’s destiny?

The major factor is Karma!

Rameshwaram is the place to go to BURN through Karma and Dr. Pillai has been preparing for this moment for his entire life! He spent the first 18 years of his life on the island of Rameshawaram, fully imbibing the Karma dissolving properties of the place and it’s 22 Karma dissolving pools.

Dr. Pillai resolutley says now is the best time to share the power of this place with others.

With the support of Ascended Master’s Patanjali and Mahavatar Babaji, Dr. Pillai will be sharing his latest teachings and giving repeated energy transmissions during key timings. Don’t miss this ulitmate opportunity for Karma Removal and Self-Realization!

  • Visit Patanjali’s tomb where Dr. Pillai had his first enlightenment experience
  • Visit the only Shiva Lingam in the world that can remove IGNORANCE
  • Be in the Company of the GODDESS and commune with the Goddess of the Golden Age, Nambunayaki
  • Profound Karma Removal – washing away sins in the 22 wells of holy water
  • Teachings on Timeline Jumping
  • Create Miracles and instantaneous answer by calling on Dr. Pillai’s spiritual name

Click Here for ALL the Details!

IF YOU”RE interested in attending the trip YOU MUST NOTIFY office@pillaicenter.com prior to January 6th!

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