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Muruga third eye vel

Dr. Pillai: On October 25th, 2022, we have a celebration coming up, which marks the descent of Muruga, Subramanya, Skanda, Kartikeya—these are his names. 

Muruga is a special God. His descent means an opportunity for all of us to receive his power and gift. What is the gift he gives to human beings? The gift of getting, learning, acquiring, and receiving the skill or secret of performing miracles. He gives you that technology of how to do miracles.

Rational mind is the problem. It will not allow you to understand and perform miracles. 

Muruga removes the rational mind through his Vel, the lance that he carries

That is a symbol of the third eye; that is also the symbol of the Goddess.

He is coming down into this Earth plane. It means a lot, not simply the opening of the third eye, but also victory over negativity, our inner and outer negative characters.

It is a cyclical happening comparable to the Jewish calendar of celebration corresponding to the phases of the moon. The six days of celebration of Muruga’s descent corresponds to the six phases of the moon beginning from the first moon to the sixth moon. 

On the sixth moon day is his victory over demonic forces, and he kills the demon Surapadma.

The mastery that you will get during this time is very valuable for human existence 

You will get power over your body, mind, and ultimately defeat Maya. Maya is a goofy life.

By nature, we are not conscious people. For instance, we are thinking so many

thoughts in a minute, maybe 35 or 40 thoughts, I have always talked about that.

Most of them are goofy thoughts, and our activities are also like that, and what is enjoyable is just wasting time in entertainment. I am not against entertainment. I want to give you bliss, never-ending bliss, second-by-second. 

How do you get it? You have to just move into your third eye. 

Once your third eye is open, the whole world will look very differently 

There will not be any doubt of your divinity and intelligence.

The intelligence that you will get on this day is the intelligence that allows you to experience miracles through the opening of higher consciousness that is within the pineal gland, which is called the “third eye.” 

That can happen only at a certain time period every year, and that is the sixth moon on the 30th. 

It is a great opportunity.

You will have the opportunity to open the third eye through the victory of Muruga, Skanda—Skanda is also another name for Muruga—over illusion.

Our poverty is an illusion. Our prosperity is also an illusion. What about your real life or real nature? You are unlimited, full, and blissful. You should experience this at every second while still you are involved in the mind-based body and senses-based experiences. Beyond that, we do not know. 

Beyond the sensory and mind experiences, we do not know what we are capable of. On the sixth day, I am going to do a program, an initiation, to help you experience this bliss. 

This bliss also goes along with the highest intelligence possible, leading you to look at your physical body, mind as simply light, as spiritual photon light.

The purpose of life is not simply to go through this process of birth and death, with so many challenges in between. 

Growing up is a challenge, diseases are a challenge, relationships are a challenge,, and then we die. We never even ask the question, ‘What is the purpose of life? Are we here to be born again and die?’ No, that is not it. 

The real reason why we are here is to completely understand our real nature, our real bliss, our nature as God

Heaven is not something that you will get after you die. Heaven is right now. It has to be experienced. These six days of Muruga give you an opportunity. I have made a lot of videos on Muruga and his teachings, available both in Tamil and in English, over a period of ten years. You can listen to that. 

But on the 30th, which is the last day, I will give you an initiation to erase your karma, and then to open the third eye in order to experience the descent of the Amrita, which occupies the body and gives you super consciousness, and that is the sixth day.

I invite you to take advantage of this important timing and special day of Muruga. If you lose it, you have to wait for the next Skanda Shasti. It is better to do it now. It is my personal invitation for all of you to participate in this program. We are very thankful to Muruga for doing this every year. 

God bless!”

Skanda Shasti 2022 Free Community Gatherings

Experience the most powerful time of the year to clear karma & awaken the Third Eye with a free 3-Day Series + 6-Day Immersion Series Oct. 21 – 23 | Oct. 25 – 30.

Skanda Shasti is a six-day powertime that occurs only once per year. According to the Siddhas, it is the most influential powertime to awaken your third eye. Each of the six days focuses on clearing karma in one of the six chakras, culminating in the awakening of the sixth chakra, which is the third eye.

Skanda Shasti is an auspicious time to access Muruga: the Divine energy of Supreme Warrior Archetype & Destroyer of Negativity. By connecting with him, you can invoke his mighty blessings to:

  • Destroy Debts, Legal Issues, Enemies, and Bad Karma
  • Gain Supreme Wisdom to Overcome Challenges
  • Boost Your Intelligence to Succeed in All Endeavors

Pillai Center’s Community Gatherings Are Designed to:

  • Help prepare you for Skanda Shasti through Dr. Pillai’s enriching education, wisdom, and techniques for connecting with Lord Muruga
  • Guide you through the 6 days of Skanda Shasti with immersive, interactive daily events to help you achieve a fruitful and valuable experience

Live Teaching with Dr. Pillai | Defeat Negativity during Skanda Shasti

October 23: What Is Skanda Shasti, Who Is Muruga, and What Blessings Can He Bring?

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Lord Muruga Preparatory Series | October 21 – 23 (PT)

Immerse yourself in rich teachings from Dr. Pillai, guided by an experienced Pillai Center Teacher

Day 1 | Who is Lord Muruga?

Oct. 21 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 22 at 1 am UTC; 6:30 am IST


Day 2 | How to Relate to Lord Muruga

Oct. 22 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 23 at 1 am UTC; 6:30 am IST


Day 3 | How to Bond with Lord Muruga

Oct. 23 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 24 at 1 am UTC; 6:30 am IST

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Immersion Series | Community Meditation and Mantra-Chanting

Engage in a variety of immersive meditations and mantras from Dr. Pillai, as well as interactive tips to try at home to help you best experience the karma-clearing rewards of Skanda Shasti.

These experiences can help you achieve a conducive state to invoke Muruga, connect with your higher self, activate your third eye, and experience a deep focus on karma-clearing throughout your chakras.

Day 1 | How to Evolve with Lord Muruga

Oct. 25 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 26 at 1 am UTC; 6:30 am IST


Day 2 | How to Clear Anxiety, Depression, Fear or Anger with Lord Muruga’s Vel

Oct. 26 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 27 at 1 am UTC; 6:30 am IST


Day 3 | How to Erase Bad Karma with Lord Muruga’s Vel

Oct. 27 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 28 at 1 am UTC; 6:30 am IST


Day 4 | How to Raise Kundalini & Gain Wisdom with Lord Muruga’s Vel

Oct. 28 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 29 at 1 am UTC; 6:30 am IST


Day 5 | How to Stop Mind Chatter & Challenge Death with Lord Muruga’s Grace

Oct. 29 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 30 at 1 am UTC; 6:30 am IST


Day 6 | How Lord Muruga’s FAITH Mantra Bestows Utter Positivity

Oct. 30 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 31 at 1 am UTC; 6:30 am IST

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