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Compassion Diwali

Dr. Pillai: “Sri Ramalinga said the easiest way to get God’s Grace is not through meditation – it is through compassion, and helping other people, especially the poor people who are in need. He says that he was able to gain the Light Body only through the ‘Grace of Shiva,’ and the Grace was obtained because of compassion that he extended to his fellow beings. 

The main teaching of Ramalinga is compassion. 

When you have compassion for poor people, then you are sure to get the ‘Grace of God.’  

Diwali is an appropriate time for gifting, and to remember God’s children who are in unfortunate situations in many countries across the world. I am confident that the world has been changing, and is going to continue to change.  

If you can donate money, you are welcome to do that. If you do not, at least pray for these people, and pray for the Tripura Foundation, for its success. 

The only excuse for making millions of dollars is just that we can share it with others, and that is going to accelerate your enlightenment a million times more than your meditations.

It is not that we can keep it for ourselves. You do not need more than what you need. I want all of you to live very well without any worries, but the most important thing is going and helping out these souls who are just groping in darkness.

There is so much selfishness, self-centeredness. 

The more money you have, the harder your heart becomes

That is the state of things. That is why there are going to be big things happening in this world. It is very important to take care of those poor souls. 

Money is in the hands of people who are just selfish about themselves, about their family, or their grandchildren, or just unconscious. They do not even want to give it to their own children. This has to change. 

I have empowered all of you. You have to raise up to that level. It is very easy. It has all been completed in another plane. It is just a matter of waiting for that to happen, but the waiting is not going to be too long.

Diwali’s Purpose: Sharing Wealth With Compassion

Diwali really means the death of a greedy person who was immoral in every sense of the term. We should have a proper relationship with money – human beings should develop compassion to share the money between themselves and that’s very important and then not have greed.”

– Dr. Pillai

Diwali Gifts for Hope Children

Diwali is the biggest holiday of the year for Hope Children. It is a special time for families to get together and for children to receive gifts in honor of new beginnings. 

Each $15 gift sponsors one child with a new beautiful set of holiday clothes, a box of delicious sweets, a Hope Station celebration, and one month’s enrollment in our Hope Learning Stations.

“As part of my own Love and service, since my birthday, Oct. 18th, is just a few days before Diwali, I’m going to distribute notebooks to all our 5,550 Hope children across India, as a special Diwali gift. The government is providing limited notebooks, and these are precious items for our children in their schooling.” -Mohini, Global Director

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