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In a video, Dr. Pillai shares a special holiday message. It’s not a message of joy and peace. While many people find joy in family, friends, and Christmas and New Year celebrations, others don’t find much happiness in the holiday season.

This video brings hope to the lonely, poor, sick, and depressed. It’s also for people who couldn’t visit loved ones because of the cost of airfare, and those with other holiday constraints.

This video is not just about the holidays. These teachings are to be practiced year-round.

In the video, Dr. Pillai provides teachings for a joyous and prosperous future. Scroll down to watch the video. We’ll summarize it here.

The Shreem Brzee Wealth Mantra will Change the World

He begins with a story:

“So there was this king, … Vishwamitra, who wanted to bless everyone with enough financial resources so that they didn’t have pain coming from lack of money. Because, if you have solved the money problems then you have solved most problems.”

“So he meditated, and then he came up with a spiritual solution. He gave the sound: Brzee. I added the word Shreem, and this will create miracles, because these sounds are the primordial sounds that create matter, particularly money.”

He continues with his hope that the mantra, Shreem Brzee, will change the world.

“It was given to me a long time ago, and I was skeptical, as many of you would be now. But now I have no doubt in my mind that this is going to solve the financial problem on an individual level, but also it will help for countries (that are) suffering. So it will change the economy of the countries too.”

Teachings on Illness

Dr. Pillai turns his attention to sickness. You may have relatives who are physically ill, elderly, and losing their minds. He shares a story about a saint who turned his body into light at age 16 because he knew that his fate, which is the same for all humans, would otherwise be aging, loss of senses, illness, and death.

To address this problem, he recommends his Timeline Jumping program

In these programs, “I talk about being in the moment. If you remain in the moment, the past will not intrude into your present, and will not carry on into the future. You have to stop the past. ‘Yes, I was sick yesterday, and this moment is very new, and I am going to stop it.’”

He recommends creating this same mindset for poverty, unemployment, loneliness, and other areas of life as well.

Guided Meditation to Stop the Mind, Stop Time, & Be in the Moment

At minute 10:35, Dr. Pillai gives a guided meditation to enter the present moment. Click here to stop time and join the meditation.

“I give you permission to use this technique, and then make it popular. Because this will certainly be like an aspirin that helps everyone with pain (and) put you out of the mind. Then you will be in the moment. It will help you deal with sickness, aging, and also the financial problems, and the next topic, which I am going to talk about which is loneliness.” – Dr. Pillai

Loneliness & the Kleem Mantra

Dr. Pillai makes a distinction between aloneness and loneliness. One is a choice, and it can be a very beautiful one. In this state, you don’t need anyone to fill a gap within you.

“In aloneness there is a relationship, too, and that relationship is not with another human person necessarily, but with your own Self, and your own Self is God. That’s a very beautiful experience,” he says.

To enhance the experience of oneness of God, he recommends chanting the syllable, Om.

For those who desire relationships with others, including romantic ones, Dr. Pillai recommends the mantra, Kleem.

“(Kleem) helps you to get out of the mind into another dimension. By looking at this, a form, or how Kleem is written in Sanskrit, you will be transported into a different realm. That’s one. And also a heart shape… like a Valentine’s Heart, or the Sacred Heart. Just keep on staring at it while you are chanting Kleem, Kleem, Kleem, Kleem, Kleem. You will certainly attract relationship. This is a new teaching. This is the first time I am sharing, and I am very happy to share it during this Holiday Season.”

The True Teachings of Jesus

Dr. Pillai explains how the main teachings of Jesus have been lost in Christian institutions. Ruach is the Hebrew word for Holy Spirit. It also refers to the breath. The same word in Greek is “pneuma”. You’ve seen it in medical terminology that refers to the respiratory system.

Dr. Pillai maintains that the Holy Spirit is synonymous with the Holy Breath. In his The Secret Teachings of Jesus Course, he teaches how to access this same source of miracles that Jesus used.

To Manifest Your Dream Life, First Know What You Want

He concludes the video with a powerful secret to changing your karma, and your life.

“First of all you should know what you want to do. I asked yesterday, ‘What do you want to do in life?’ ‘I don’t know.’ … If you don’t know what you want… and adhere to the goal that you have, and then come up with game plans to actualize, and create that, then you will be running the karmic path dictated by your destiny or karma.”


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