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Dr. Pillai about his Secret Teachings of Jesus webcast:

What I did for Jesus was not just repeat the usual organizational representation of Jesus – (what) the churches particularly have to (say) about Jesus. I spoke about the original teachings of Jesus. What he meant. Why he came to this earth plane. What he did. What are his teachings, and what are his failures?

At the end he said, “I came here to do a job that I wasn’t able to do, because I am caught up in this flesh and blood.”

That makes sense, because Jesus was crucified 2,000 years ago, but still we are suffering. Why? Because people have not adhered to the original teachings of Jesus.

The original teachings of Jesus?

“I’m going to go, and I am going to send you the Holy Ghost, or the Holy Spirit. God will send you The Holy Spirit.”

People, except for the Pentecostal Church, and some other churches… people don’t know how to use the Holy Spirit.

In the Jesus webcast, I teach about the Holy Spirit and how it means the breath. It is your breath, and I have done some teachings on that. I focus on that, plus other things about the cross, and so forth.

That webcast is about Jesus, and how you can use his name, use the cross, use the symbolism of the blood… because nobody really understands the symbolism of Jesus’s blood… and compare it to the Old Testament, Leviticus.

Leviticus is an Old Testament (book) with a lot of teachings about sacrifice. So these are solutions. This is an elaborate teaching, and I want you to take advantage of that.

Learn the Secrets of Jesus’ Miraculous Powers

The Holy Spirit was a central part of Jesus’ teachings. Much of these teachings were lost in translation. The Ancient Hebrew word for Holy Spirit was “ruach”. In Aramaic, it was “ruha”. The Greeks called it “pneuma”, which is now used as a root of medical terms referring to the respiratory system.

That’s because the Holy Spirit is intimately connected with the breath. The Holy Breath is the secret behind Jesus’ ability to heal the sick, walk on water, and perform other miracles.

In The Secret Teachings of Jesus on-demand webcast, Dr. Pillai will teach you how to access this same power. You will also learn new insights about the symbolism of the blood and the cross.


Learn to Access the Holy Spirit Now

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