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Eliminate Obstacles of Karmic Suffering and Boost Self-Esteem


overcome obstacles with Ganesha


The Power of Ganesha

Dr. Pillai: “Ganesha is one of the very, very powerful beings whom everybody has to acknowledge, and pay obeisance to him. That is the power of Ganesha. He is second to none. His knowledge is second to none. His might is second to none. Ganesha can give you a second to none consciousness. 

He can remove every bad karma in your body, mind, and soul. He will do all that is necessary to clean you up karmically so that you can remove your poverty consciousness, which you have inherited from your ancestors. It is genetics, and he will make sure that he removes that as well. 

Ganesha is beyond logic, beyond language. Because he is in the now, his intuition can give you all that is necessary for a successful life and, eventually, enlightenment. He is the God of Om

There are millions of Gods. There is not just one. Each one has a particular specialty. In Ganesha’s case, he can give you supreme self-esteem.  To get his help is to get everything that you want.


The Sacred 4th Moon of Ganesha 

The 4th Moon is sacred for Ganesha, who is the remover of obstacles. Every 4th Moon is Ganesha’s Moon. 

I am interested in this because life is full of obstacles. There is no one who does not have obstacles. Even a disease is an obstacle or a failure is an obstacle, a delay is an obstacle, and a disagreement is an obstacle. An obstacle is something that is unforeseen. 

We need some help, and the help has to come from some intelligence which is higher than our intelligence.


Access Ganesha’s Consciousness

The 4th Moon of Ganesha is a day for everyone, especially those who do not consider themselves important. If you are unable to say ‘I am the number one in money, intelligence, or any skillset’, he is the God who is going to give you that.

I have suggested to people to do special rituals to access these particular aspects of Ganesha.  Ganesha finds shortcuts. He doesn’t recognize time and space, and he can do things in short amounts of time – and sometimes instantaneously.” 


Upcoming 4th Moon of Ganesha Powertime Combo

During the upcoming 4th Moon of Ganesha, there will be a boost in the powertime energy due to the support of Saturn and the Ashwini star.  Based on Vedic Astrology, Saturn rules karmic suffering and longevity (health). Saturn also holds wisdom to overcome low self-esteem. Ashwini star has shakti Shidravyapani, which is the power to achieve results quickly. It is ruled by celestial healers, and where the planet of the highest self-esteem, Sun, becomes exalted. 


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