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Rituals Versus Meditation


rituals versus meditation


Dr. Pillai: “I want to talk about ‘rituals versus meditation’ in a global context, and also in the Indian context. The West, for instance, is known for its yoga and meditation and they don’t pay attention to rituals at all. But it is the opposite for Indians. The temples are ritual centers and there are clear advantages of practicing one or the other. Actually, they are not mutually exclusive, but superficially, there is some kind of competition or segregation between the two. But one cannot be done without the other if you understand the true meaning of the rituals and true meaning of meditation. 

The rituals, in my opinion and research, are a lot more powerful. Rituals have several advantages, being more efficacious than meditation, more practical and more emotional so that people can relate to it. On the other hand, with regards to meditation, it is very hard for people to sit down and meditate. 


The Ancient Practice of Fire Rituals (Fire Labs)

There is the fire ritual which I call the “Fire Lab.” The fire ritual is a technology that comes from the Vedic tradition, a very ancient tradition dating back to 1500 BC, or even before, because literally you cannot date the Vedas. Let us say it is a very, very ancient practice. It is a technology to get connected with the Divine. 

In the Bhagavad Gita, it says there was a rule that was established between humans and Divine beings. What is the rule? You take care of me and I will take care of you. The human beings have to take care of Divine beings, and then the Divine beings will take care of you.. What will they give? Istan Bhogan – whatever you want. You want material things – car, home, vacation, clothes, shoes, whatever – those Divine beings, or Gods, will give you that. 

So the fire rituals can give you all the material objects that you desire. They are very practical. 


Rituals vs Meditation: Which Is Harder To Do?

Actually, they have to be done together. Even when you go to do the rituals, you have to get into a quiet state of mind. If you do not, then you are not going to get the benefit. They are not mutually exclusive. They are together, and only when you do them together, you will get the benefit. 

So the rituals are very powerful. I will keep talking about what we need to do to modernize Hinduism, its rituals, its meditations, not only by giving philosophical, rational validations, but core scientific validations of looking at what happens to the DNA and the genes.”


Manifest with the Power of Fire Rituals

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