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Want to end the paycheck to paycheck cycle? Dr. Pillai talks about how it happened and where to seek solutions…

paycheck to paycheck

If I want to take credit for something, it is the credit of making available a technology to control karma, and even transform it. Right from the beginning I have focused on it.

Don’t get confused about the concept of karma that may belong to some religion.

No, it does not belong to any religion.

It is a scientific concept called the Law of Causality, like Newton’s laws talking about reaction.

Karma is simply a reaction to something that has already taken place.

So, why are many people poor? The answer is… It is karma.

What is karma then?

It is not a meta-physical concept as I said. The Buddha himself who never believed in God, who never believed in soul, believed in karma and defined karma very beautifully: “Karma is only a thought process that you carry on from one birth, to another birth, to another birth.”

“Paycheck to paycheck” is a karma you have been continuing from lifetime to lifetime—from many lifetimes—and it is a very stubborn karma. It needs to be changed or transformed. You can do that.

Karma is not a philosophy of fatalism; I do not believe in fatalism at all.

Human will is more powerful, even more powerful than God.

That’s how powerful you are.

You can change your life the way you want to change. But then, as Einstein said, “You cannot find the solution to your problem from the same kind of thinking that created it.”

In order to change your karma you have to look at different model that can allow you to change your karma so you can think out of the box. Now you are unable to think out of the box.

The moment you think, well how am I going to make money, when am I going to make money, where am I going to make money—all these are very relevant questions, but the answer is not doing to come by asking these questions of when, where, how.

The answers are going to come not from the rational mind, but from another source.

– Dr. Pilai

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