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For over 30 years, Dr. Pillai has taught spiritual techniques to end human suffering and they all remain relevant today…

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Some of the students who have been studying with me for some years have expressed a concern. What happens to my old teachings? Are they still relevant?

They are very relevant.

I’ve not changed anything except the presentation. The presentation of course in terms of science is very helpful because it gives you a precise understanding. Other than that, the content has not changed.

I have always wanted to put an end to human suffering, and that can be done only when we go to our own source which is Light.

Unless we become Light—light particles or light waves—there will be problems. That is the ultimate, and that has been my teaching all along.

What we need to do is to catch up with the speed of light and move fast.

All of the techniques that I have taught you, they have the same goal.  They will take you from the realm of slow time, and put you in a fast-track.

My whole body, mind, and soul vibrate with one theme, and that theme is putting an end to human suffering—physical, mental, financial.  It doesn’t make sense to me that anyone suffer, regardless of where he lives, or what race he belongs to. We have to have the knowledge.

All of the Messiahs who came here, they came here with one intention, with one goal, and that is to end suffering.  Their expressions are different. The Buddha said, it is Nirvana, Emptiness. Jesus said, thy kingdom should come down to the earth plane as it is in Heaven.

Everyone has wanted liberation from suffering so that we don’t have to go through pain.

The mantras that I have taught are not mundane knowledge. They are gifts from the Divine.

Riding on these mantras, or sound waves, we can get to that level. They are like the bridge between the mind to the non-mind.

For instance it is very difficult for me to stay in the mind. I have to make a lot of effort to talk to you. The mind stops.

All of the time I have to pull words into the mind, because the mind and words are one and the same. It is natural for me to remain quiet.

Nothing about my teaching has become obsolete. All of the mantras I have given are still valid.

There are miracles happening. The only difference is the miracles are explained in a different way.

Miracles happen when there is least resistance.

– Dr. Pillai

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