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Faith in God Can End Your Ignorance

“Get drunk with the finest liquor you will ever savor. Enjoy the intoxicating effects of Amrita, the neurotransmitter that seeps into the brain through the grace of Arul and connects with God. You cannot manipulate this kind of feeling through meditation or any other means. It can only manifest through faith in the Divine. Even if your faith is false, the blissful effects of this most exquisite elixir can still be enjoyed.

See the New Year in with God

God and the Saints are waiting to dispense these rich inviting tonics—drink them in and bask in the pleasure derived from them. Life will become easier. When you are in a state of bliss, the brain changes its perceptions.

I am drunk in the earliest hours of the morning but not with alcohol—with Amrita—the presence of God.

On New Year’s Eve I want you to watch this video and listen to the silent speech that I am offering; it is transformative. I personally want you to end the ignorance and suffering that plagues you right now. It is caused by Maya, Karma, and the Ego. Ego and Maya destroy reality by filling the mind, body, and soul with fear and the concept of time.

Look out for my New Year blessings on the Eve of 2019.

Be in Ananda, bliss.

God Bless.”

– Dr Pillai


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