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Dr. Pillai shares his teachings on the power of connecting with Wealth Archetype Vishnu, and even feeding Him, on Vaikunta Ekadasi. This is a day when Vishnu becomes extremely generous with blessings of wealth. It’s His most important 11th Moon powertime of the year.

Dr. Pillai shares his Vaikunta Ekadasi teachings:

In the Indian tradition, Vishnu is the God of wealth because he’s also the husband of Lakshmi.

He is called Vishnu Maya. He is the one who is responsible for creating matter. Maya is matter. (All) material is Maya and, without Him, there is no money or material existence.

Everything that is associated with creation belongs to Maya, and that is Vishnu.

There are special times, astronomically significant times, when Vishnu’s Energy becomes available, when he gives blessings to people. He descends into the earth plane. It’s a very, very rare phenomenon that occurs. The Yogis and Siddhas look forward to a very auspicious time like this.

Vishnu is the Lord of the earth plane. He is totally in charge of creating matter — which is car, home, luxury — all of these things are associated with Vishnu.

So what do you do during that time?

You can create that energy within your own consciousness on that day. How (do you) create the Vishnu’s Energy? Vishnu’s Space? Vishnu’s Time?

In the understanding of the Yogis, space and time can be created by sound waves. After all, according to the Vedic system, space is not empty.

Space is just sound waves, and space is time also. That’s why, if you develop contact with Him, then you will grow in prosperity. So we plan to have special rituals done on this day (Vaikunta Ekadasi) to access this energy.



“You Have to Feed the Gods”

In the Bhagavad Gita, there is a very important teaching about prosperity. Krishna, who is a form of Vishnu, tells Arjuna about the secret of prosperity. He says, “You have to feed the Gods.”

If you feed the Gods, then they are obligated to you to give back – in return (for) your offering of food to them — abundant wealth.

How is that?

He says, “That is Divine Law.”

When the world was created, it was agreed upon, particularly the earth plane, that the relationship between the humans and the Divine will be one of mutual cooperation, reciprocity, (which is) parasparam in Sanskrit. This is the word that Krishna uses, mutual.

So food offerings are critical. Food offerings to the Deity can do a lot. It’s not just a superstition. These Deities, or Gods and Goddesses, do exist. Once you have satisfied Them with offerings, They will come and give you abundance.

That’s why I am very particular about promoting Fire Labs. Fire Labs are a means through which you can communicate with the Divine (Beings) and send your offerings to Them.

I want you to take advantage of this very precious time.

The Gates of Heaven Open, Inviting Bliss & Wealth Blessings

Dr. Pillai has a special on-demand webcast on getting the most out of your connection with Vishnu on 11th Moons, especially Vaikunta Ekadasi. It’s called The Gates of Heaven Open. It’s 38 minutes long and packed with practices you can do at home to attract wealth through the power of Vishnu.

You will learn how to:

  • Tap into Lord Vishnu’s auspicious 11th Moon energies
  • Open the Gates of Heaven through chanting the Lord’s praises

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