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Can celestial bodies influence our lives? According to the yogis, ancient seers and sages of ancient India, the answer is ‘yes’.

Explaining why faraway planets and stars impact our thinking and life events takes lengthy discussions and data analysis.

Yet Indian researchers and Supreme Court justices agree: Vedic astrology works and it’s just as precise as computer science.

Among Vedic astrologers, the general consensus attributes to Mercury our interests in mathematics, science, business, communication, analytics, calculating moves for personal gain, fun from tech toys and humor.

So Mercury, the planet of tridimensional intelligence, is now positioned to express itself through the planet of wisdom and metaphysics—Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius (Jan. 6-27, 2018).

This isn’t an ideal position for clever, bottom-line interested Mercury. Yet in pure Sagittarius, Mercury can help you power up your spiritual goals and give you much needed positivity.

In fact, Mercury is impatient and narrowly driven to break down every transcendental phenomenon. This is the planet of both billionaires and atheists—having as its motto: If I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist, and if I don’t gain from it, I don’t care for it.

Perhaps, every dry, scientific argument limiting our human experience could be traced back to Mercury and its cold calculations.

Yet the planet of divine intelligence, Jupiter, can soften Mercury’s obsession for detail and finances and help us access a heavenly database of celestial intelligence.

So to gain from your higher studies, learn from the classics of humanities, expand your positivity and vision, find meaning and purpose, here for you—an easy three-step plan for your ideal 2018 and a 200-percent life. Because it’s your God given right to enjoy the material and the spiritual simultaneously.

1. Akashic studies

 The yogis believe in reincarnation and speak about a cosmic database keeping record of all your thoughts and actions throughout every rebirth. Our karmic imprints can be found in the so-called Akashic Records.

Those with heightened intuition can tell you the reasons of your frustrations as well the cause for your successes.

Mercury analyses. Jupiter looks skyward to the infinite possibilities of your consciousness. Mercury narrows down, and Jupiter expands—expect refreshingly new curiosity for higher teachings from your spiritual masters and religious texts.

If you’ve felt a lack of meaning and you’ve engaged in minutia and survival more than you wish, this is your time—a powerful concentration of planetary forces in Sagittarius will restore your hope and your desire for God.

Try this

  • To connect with the highest expressions of clever Mercury and intelligent Jupiter, recite Mercury’s mantra OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA 108 times on Wednesdays; recite Jupiter’s mantra OM GURAVE NAMAHA 108 times on Thursdays.
  • Write your cherished goals for 2018 on a Wednesday after reciting the Mercury mantra.



2. If you can conceive it, you can have it

It’s hard to pick ourselves up when things go wrong and failure bites. We risk becoming hopeless or we get angry with ourselves. Self-esteem plummets.

Fortunately, Sagittarius is unstoppably optimistic—the sign of philosophical outlook and never-ending expansion of spiritual and material aims. As our goals expand to include the divine, our everyday frustrations and meaninglessness vanish.

You can now expect great vision and hope as you begin to conceive what you previously couldn’t even imagine for yourself.

What do you want? Is it too grandiose? Never mind, go ahead and take the first step towards it. This time with the help of Mercury and three other planets in Sagittarius—nothing will seem impossible.

Billionaire businessman Azim Premji, named one of the top 100 most influential men in the world by TIME Magazine in 2011, summarizes the recipe for successful goals as below:

“If people are not laughing at your goals, they are not big enough.”

Fittingly, his birth chart is a powerful combination of two planets in Jupiter’s Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo, sign of Mercury. 

Try this

  • Write down a grandiose list of goals for your ideal 2018.

  • Do not share with others your goals until they’re manifested. Your goals and visions are delicate offshoots and others’ logic and skepticism can easily destroy your intentions until they are firmly in place.
  • Be as detail oriented as possible. See it in color and every aspect of it. You can write these details down.
  • Feel the excitement and joy from imagining your goals’ achievements.

3. Put your future in God’s hands and take action, too

Hope can heal our skepticism and even cynicism.  In the Vedic tradition, Vishnu is the all-embracing sustainer of the universe.

He can bring you wealth and well-being.

Our intellect—the domain of Mercury—alone doesn’t bring the highest intelligence.

With the help of wiser Jupiter, Mercury merges generosity and higher studies for the benefit of humanity.

Connecting with the wise archetype Vishnu—the protector of doctors, bankers, business and all riches—is considered one of the most effective ways to grow your bank account and invest with major profits.

The Vedic and Siddha yoga traditions recommend Fire LabsDr. Pillai’s modern definition of fire rituals for receiving miracles.

Dr. Pillai says that beginnings are very important—because they are harbingers of future outcomes.

Super sounds called mantras and pure offerings—such as flowers, incense, devotional chants, clarified butter and aromatic herbs—are celestial technologies carrying very high probabilities to change your life for the better.

So to start your New Year with success, sponsoring prayers and fire rituals to benevolent archetypes can bring about the changes and success you’ve been wanting.

Happy 2018!


Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer at www.AstroVed.com


Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi


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