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The Golden Age Global Forum launches Sunday, June 1st. Here’s Dr. Pillai with more details on this Free Event …

Evolution is the Answer

“I have some more info on the Global Forum for The Golden Age.

I want this to be a really good platform for the global audience belonging to all religions and committed to bringing the Golden Age.

We can’t live life like this …  as a race subjected to disease, unhappiness, old age, and death.

It must come to an end.

What that means is we really have to go after evolution.

Human evolution is the answer.

Beyond Psychological Enlightenment

I’ve been talking about it and, in my opinion, the best representative of this human evolution is Swami Ramalingam.

Swami Ramalingam said it’s not enough to be just psychologically enlightened.

You have to be enlightened on the level of the body. Enlightenment at the level of the body means that the body has to turn into Light.

Until then there is no liberation for anyone.

There’s no point in being in a state of Divine Coma and calling yourself enlightened.

Creating a Complete Model for the Future

We have to work with a number of teachers who have gathered a lot of traction and a lot of following.

They all need to be supplemented with teachings from other people.

The idea is to create a forum because nobody is coming up with a complete formula for enlightenment. Everyone has plus and minus together.

So this forum will accommodate everybody and will bring in supplemental educational material that will be useful for everybody.

Alternative Approaches from Around the Globe


If you go to Ramtha, he’s good at bringing the science and spirituality together. I’ve never seen a teacher who is not only very, very intellectually and scientifically oriented, but also practically oriented. J.Z. Knight’s teaching could be supplemented with other teachings.

The other person that I’m including in the discussion is Amma Bhagavan. He represents of late, the Bhakti Movement and how Bhakti to him could result in enlightenment. That needs to be supplemented too. Still, he comes from a very valid point of view.

I also want to include Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who has also created a global movement, but from a totally different platform.

So for the upcoming event, I will include all of these people. And then for subsequent presentations, I will have more Christian, Buddhist, and other New Age Teachers from all over the world.

I look forward to doing this and I look forward to your participation as well.

God Bless.”

– Dr. Pillai

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